D&D Miniatures10/11/2007

Stat Cards Update Announcement

Attention D&D Minis Players!

We’re proud to announce that every D&D Miniatures set, from Harbinger, Dragoneye, and Archfiends through next month's Desert of Desolation, will be converted to the new 4th edition skirmish rules.

Starting with the most recent sets and fan-voted “all stars,” these updated stat cards will be posted as PDF downloads on wizards.com.

This doesn't change the All-Star voting plans -- you'll still get to see your favorite 60 minis from early sets in July as previously announced.

Our current release schedule for skirmish stat card updates is as follows:

January 2008: Desert of Desolation, plus a free PDF download of the new rulebook so you can start playing the new minis game immediately with your Desert of Desolation minis.

  • March 2008: Night Below
  • May 2008: Unhallowed
  • July 2008: All-Star set (60 minis from sets 1-11 as voted by the community on the D&D web page)

We will announce the schedule for future conversions as our plans solidify.


The D&D Miniatures Team

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