D&D Miniatures
Dragoneye Top 20
All-Stars Voting Results

The polls have closed for the Dragoneye All-Stars voting. Here are the top 20 vote-getters from the second D&D Miniatures release. Every one's a classic!

(Numbers indicate the miniature's finish position in the voting, not its ID number within the set.)

1. Large Red Dragon

2. Eye of Gruumsh

3. Black Dragon

4. Purple Dragon Knight

5. Thayan Knight

6. Orc Druid

7. Cleric of Nerull

8. Gold Champion

9. Ogre Ravager

10. Dwarven Defender

11. Brass Dragon

12. Red Samurai

13. Drow Wizard

14. Urthok the Vicious

15. Blue Wyrmling

16. Silver Sorcerer

17. Goblin Skirmisher

18. Cleric of Moradin

19. Bladesinger

20. Halfling Outrider

If you missed other results, you can find them here.

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