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Desert of Desolation Preview 3
Brought to You By the Letter "D"

Hip-deep in work on the new Monster Manual this week, and we're still digging through the Ds. That's primarily because there are more Ds in Dungeons & Dragons than any other letter. Well, technically, there are more Ns in "Dungeons & Dragons," but that's not the point. How about this: There are more pages of Ds in the Monster Manual than any other letter, and I don't mean pages that are entirely D. Oh, nevermind …

The letter D includes monsters like Drow, Devils, Dragons, and Demons, among others. At least two minis from those pages have found their way into Desert of Desolation: the Drider, and everyone's favorite monkey demon, the Bar-lgura (man, there are a lot of Ds just in this article!).

Many of you have been clamoring for more detailed skirmish stats, so here you go: not only do you get pics of the Drider and its handsome companion, but as a special treat, you even get stat cards!


After a many-set hiatus, the Drider returns. Like its Drider Sorcerer kin of the Giants of Legend set, this Drider has a couple of spells to sling about and might rely on Web to get out of a sticky situation (or put someone else into one). This drider is a bit more robust than the Sorcerer, though many of its abilities remain similar, and its spells are a little less devastating than the older piece. Faerie Fire will help eliminate some pesky Conceal rolls, even if it won't directly help defeat invisibility.



So, do you say "Barl - Gur - A", or "Bar - Lgu - Ra"? I say the former, since I'm not sure exactly how to pronounce "Lgu".

This guy, despite his monkey appearance, is one of my favorites of the set. I love the way his arms are massively oversized compared to his relatively scrawny little legs. I'm also excited about his Abduct ability. A warband with one or two of these could send them forward and bring back a juicy commander for their allies to feast upon. Of course, they are a bit fragile (belying their immense size), so the gambit might be a risky one, but it will always be fun to watch.


Next week -- more minis!

About the Author

Stephen Schubert is a Developer for RPG R&D and has been involved in many facets of the D&D product line. He's recently been Lead Developer for the upcoming Monster Manual V, Lead Designer on the Eberron adventure Eyes of the Lich Queen, and he's the Lead Developer for the D&D Miniatures Game.

Now we bring the return of the mystery silhouette. Shown below are all the figures that we'll feature in these previews. Can you guess their identities? Feel free to try!

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