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Icingdeath, Drizzt, and Wulfgar -- no, they're not to scale with the dragon!Drizzt Do'Urden makes a triumphant return on September 21 in the D&D Miniatures Icons set, The Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack.

The limited edition release features Drizzt, Wulfgar the barbarian, and the fearsome, gargantuan white dragon Icingdeath. Drizzt and Wulfgar come in standard and Epic versions. Icingdeath, of course, is a 500-point Epic-only creature.

Besides these incredible miniatures, you'll also get your quivering hands on:

  • 1 fold-out, double-sided battle map depicting Icingdeath's Lair on one side and the snow-bound village of Evermelt on the other. (The Evermelt map was featured in the D&D Miniatures championship rounds at Gencon 2007.)
  • Standard and Epic stat cards for Drizzt and Wulfgar and an oversized stat card for Icingdeath to cover all of his amazing abilities.
  • a scenario booklet.

The scenario booklet includes the special rules for Icingdeath, descriptions of the two battle maps and new terrain, three scenarios (including one in which Drizzt and Wulfgar tackle Icingdeath on their own!), and two excerpts from Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore. The first is a two-page snippet from The Crystal Shard, Drizzt's introduction to Forgotten Realms fans. The second is a preview chapter from the upcoming novel, The Orc King.

The trickiest part of this package from an R&D viewpoint was the scenario pitting just Drizzt and Wulfgar against Icingdeath. We promise they can win if handled correctly, but don't expect it to be easy, given this impressive list of Icingdeath's abilities:

Each time Icingdeath is activated, it can do 1 of the following things:

  • Move up to twice its Speed (can be selected twice per round)
  • Move up to its Speed and use its claw attack (can be selected twice per round)
  • Use its bite attack
  • Use its Breath Weapon special ability
  • Use its Roar special ability
  • Use its Tail Slap special ability

Just remember that, in the minis game, 'defeated' doesn't necessarily mean 'dead'.

Remember, too, that Legend of Drizzt is a limited edition. Expect them to go fast, so don't dither too long before grabbing one for your collection.

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