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D&D Miniatures All-Stars
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Hail and well met, voteling!As we announced at Gen Con in August, we are going to re-launch the D&D Miniatures Game next April. We also plan to provide updated stat cards, available for download, for the minis sets of 2007 -- Unhallowed, Night Below, and Desert of Desolation. As we get closer to the release of the game, we’ll start rolling out the updated skirmish cards.

In addition to those three, most-recent sets, we’ve committed to providing stat card updates for other older minis, starting with an All-Star list of minis. We want your input to select those 60 All-Star miniatures from all other previous sets.

This week, we kick off the selection process for the D&D Miniatures All-Stars. We’ve quite a task ahead of us, as we need to narrow down hundreds of minis into a list of 60. We’re going to start by creating a selection pool of around 250 minis via weekly polls. Once we have that list, we’ll provide additional surveys asking you to give us the best 60 from that larger pool.

I am Lord Soth. You WILL vote for me.Each poll will choose the top 20 minis from one of the first 11 sets. Each week, you’ll get a chance to select your own personal top 10 for one or two sets. This will be pretty straightforward, as you’ll have the set list and choose the 10 that you like the most. Rarity and faction has no bearing at this stage -- just select the 10 you want. Each survey will be up for a week, so check back weekly for the next list to vote on.

At the end of the Top 20 process, there will be a last chance vote for any mini that hasn’t yet made it into the selection pool.

The first poll will appear this week -- Thursday at the latest but possibly as early as Tuesday. After that, they'll follow with two polls per week until we get through the first 11 sets. Then the final rounds will kick in.

Previous D&D Minis champions can take heart, because we’re removing Rikka, Angelic Avenger, and the Thrall of Blackrazor from the process. Both of those minis will automatically get updated.

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