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Benelux Championship Winners
Ultroloth Rules!

The European Benelux qualifier was held May 28 at Rijswijk, the Netherlands. Twenty-one participants attended, leading to four rounds of Swiss pairings, a semi-final round, and a final round.

The top four finishers and their warbands were --

Jan Elfman -- 1st Place

Ultroloth (cmnd 5, 62 pts)
Snig the Axe (cmnd 0, 20 pts)
Chraal (35 pts)
Dragonmark Heir of Deneith (34 pts)
Duergar Champion (33 pts)
Bat Familiar (6 pts)
Greenspawn Sneak (6 pts)
Goblin Skirmisher (3 pts)
Goblin Skirmishers x3 (minions)
Drow Outpost
Totals: 11 activations, 199 points

I like the Ultroloth because it is really powerfull and has lots of options. At first, I tried it with the Fire Giant Forgepriest, but if I lost map initiative, the Forgepriest was too slow getting into action. When I looked for an alternative, I came up with a Chraal and two Duergar Champions. That left the Ultroloth a little too weak, which led me to the Dragonmarked Heir of Deneith.

More activations are always a great advantage, so I added Snig the Axe and his minions. I didn't like it that the Dragonmarked Heir lost a movement phase when casting her protection from energy spell, however, and that brought in the Bat Familiar. That left me needing only a tile grabber, and for that, I turned to the Greenspawn Sneak. The last 4 points became a fourth Goblin Skirmisher, because it can do 10 damage with Snig in the warband.

Erik Pede -- 2nd Place

Inspiring Marshal (cmnd 4, 29 pts)
Wemic Barbarian (53 pts)
Frenzied Berserker (52 pts)
Graycloak Ranger x2 (30 pts)
Gnome Trickster (27 pts)
Mialee, Elf Wizard (6 pts)
Xeph Warrior (3 pts)
Wolf (minion)
Timber Wolf (minion)
Teleport Temple
Totals: 10 activations, 200 points

When it comes to map choice, I can't help myself -- I just love Teleport Temple!

I am a big fan of over-activating my warbands. I always look for a way to get ten activations instead of the standard eight. That explains the Graycloak Rangers and their wolves.

The core of the army is the Frenzied Berserker, Wemic Barbarian, Inspiring Marshal, and Gnome Trickster. The idea behind it is simple. You have two invisible beaters that have a long threat range (thanks to the Inspiring Marshal's special ability, Grant Move Action) and that can dish out a respectable amount of damage in one round. The problem is that, if things go wrong, the Berserker and Barbarian can go down fast thanks to their weak ACs. Mialee brings magic weapon. She casts it on the Wemic if Damage Reduction is in play and on the Berserker otherwise, to bring up her attack rating. The Xeph is just one more activation to use as an invisible blocker, tile grabber, flanker, or whatever else is needed.

You can also read Erik's game-by-game recount of his experience at the match.

Peter Scott -- 3rd/4th Place

Couatl (cmnd 0, 42 pts)
Arcane Ballista (48 pts)
Shield Guardian (41 pts)
Cormyrean War Wizard (29 pts)
Cleric of Order (24 pts)
Mialee, Elf Wizard (6 pts)
Timber Wolf x2 (10 pts)
Dragondown Grotto
Totals: 8 activations, 200 points

Roger Witte -- 3rd/4th Place

Ultroloth (cmnd 5, 62 pts)
Chraal x3 (105 pts)
Duergar Slaver (26 pts)
Skeletal Legionnaire (4 pts)
Warrior Skeleton (3 pts)
Forest Cliff Lair
Totals: 7 activations, 200 points

Heated competition during one of the early rounds. Jan Elfman with prizes. Top placers Peter Scott, Jan Elfman, and Erik Pede.
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