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Puzzling Plastic
Confused by Devis


Here is one solution to the puzzle. Many other solutions are possible, but most will be similar. The only change is likely to be the order of the activations. Were you able to find a different solution? If so, tell everyone about it (or discuss this one) on the D&D Miniatures forum.

Movements to victory

1a Move the Succubus to F7 and cast beguile on Devis, Half-Elf Bard. Devis fails the save (9+3=12).
1b Move the beguiled Devis, Half-Elf Bard to I5 and cast cure light wounds on the Ogre Ravager, increasing its HP to 10.
2 Move the Orc Wizard to D4 and cast battering ram on the Ogre Ravager, pushing the creature to H3/I4 and down to 5 HP.
3a Move the Orc Warrior to E2 and attack the Frenzied Berserker -- 9+4 beats AC 10 and a 9 bypasses Conceal, so the attack kills the Frenzied Berserker. You gain 52 VP, raising your score to 121.
3b The Frenzied Berserker's Death Strike hits the Orc Warrior (9+14 beats AC 13). The Orc Warrior is destroyed, earning 3 VPs for your opponent and bumping his score to 193.
4a The Abyssal Maw moves to J6, provoking an Attack of Opportunity from Devis, Half-Elf Bard. The attack misses (9+3 misses AC 15).
4b The Abyssal Maw attacks and kills Devis, Half-Elf Bard (9+5+2 [flank] hits AC 16). You gain 6 VP, raising your score to 127.
5 Move the Cursed Spirit to F11.
6a The Orc Champion moves to F13, provoking an Attack of Opportunity from the Wemic Barbarian. The attack hits (9+17 hits AC 15), lowering the Orc Champion to 5 HP.
6b The Orc Champion attacks Nebin, Gnome Illusionist (9+11+2 hits AC 15), causing 20 damage, which is enough to destroy Nebin. You gain 18 VPs, raising your score to 145.
6c The Orc Champion cleaves into the Moon Elf Fighter (9+11+2 hits AC 22), causing 20 damage.
7a The Ogre Ravager charges to H10/I11 and attacks the Moon Elf Fighter. The attack hits (9+10+2 Flank+2 Charge hits AC 22) and inflicts 30 damage, triggering a morale check.
7b The Moon Elf Fighter fails the morale save (9+9+5, -2 [Cursed Spirit's Curse Aura] -2 [Ogre Ravager's Aura of Fear) = 19) and routs.
7c The routing Moon Elf Fighter is hit by an Attack of Opportunity from the Orc Champion (9+11+2 hits AC 22). That hit causes 20 damage and destroys the Moon Elf Fighter. You gain 49 VPs, bumping your total to 194.
7d The Orc Champion cleaves into Aramil, Adventurer (9+11+2 hits AC 13), inflicting 20 damage, which destroys Aramil. You gain 13 VPs, which pushes your total to 207 victory points and wins you the match.

You can also download both the puzzle and the solution in PDF format.

About the Author

Peter Lee lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and has several ranks in Profession (Computer Programmer). He recently painted the trophies awarded at the Constructed and Sealed Championships for D&D Miniatures.

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