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50-Point Skirmish Warbands

To accompany our discussion of D&D Miniatures play with 50-point warbands, here we show sample 50-point warbands for each faction. Some have commanders, others don't. Their number of activations range from two to eight.

Yondalla's Monolith (LG)

Yondalla's Monolith Cleric of Yondalla (com 3, 14 pts)
Pentifex Monolith (32 pts)
Aasimar Fighter (4 pts)
Total = 50 pts, 3 activations

This warband has a good commander, a titan, and a small hitter. The Cleric of Yondalla is easily one of the more competitive commanders, with a good commander rating, decent spells and abilities, and low cost. The Pentifex Monolith is a 'titan' in this context, with good AC, HP, auto-damage to undead, and flexibility between movement and defense. The Aasimar Fighter is a very strong creature for its point value, given its immunities, high AC, and bonus to damage vs. chaotic enemies.

Hellspike is the preferred map for this warband because it allows these creatures to maneuver close to an opponent's warband with less risk from ranged attacks and spells. Starting in the smaller Start Area for Side A gives this warband an opportunity to move into the nearby Victory Area.

For variations on this warband, try dropping out the Pentifex Monolith for a Justice Archon, a Dwarf Samurai, or a Warforged Bodyguard. Other interesting 50-point Lawful Good warbands include:

  • Village Priest, Arcanix Guard x3
  • Cleric of Yondalla, Githzerai Monk
  • Hammerer x3
  • Aramil, Adventurer, Sacred Watcher x2
  • Cleric of Yondalla, Cormyrean War Wizard, Devotee of the Silver Flame

A Boy and His Dragon (CG)

A Boy and His Dragon Bralani Eladrin (35 pts)
Small Copper Dragon (15 pts)
Thieves' Quarter
Total = 50 pts, 2 activations

This warband has only two activations and no commander but is very strong nonetheless. A Fly speed of 8 for both figures, combined with two line attacks, a cone, and a very creditable ranged threat, make this a warband to watch out for! With immunities and resistances, these two creatures are very durable. Their biggest weakness is saving throws -- more importantly, their morale saves. Played correctly, however, this warband can destroy many foes without ever going toe to toe.

Thieves' Quarter gives this warband an opportunity to strike at slower warbands from the cover of the rooftops while still gaining victory points.

Variations on this warband include replacing the Copper Dragon with a Steelheart Archer or a Graycloak Ranger with a Timber Wolf minion. Other interesting 50-point Chaotic Good warbands include:

  • Graycloak Ranger x3, Timber Wolf x3 (minions), Timber Wolf
  • Regdar, Adventurer, Aramil, Adventurer, Lidda, Adventurer, Ialdabode, Human Psion, Xeph Warrior
  • Celestial Pegasus (or Rikka, Angelic Avenger), Nebin, Gnome Illusionist
  • Dwarf Battlerager x2, Air Mephit, Xeph Warrior

The Goblin Horde (LE)

The Goblin Horde Snig the Axe (com 0, 20 pts)
Acheron Goblin x4 (28 pts)
Goblin Skirmisher x3 (minions)
Total = 48 pts, 8 activations

Snig the Axe brings activation control to the table, besides augmenting his followers' damage. The Acheron Goblins, when bolstered and under command, deal 15 points of damage each, a significant threat at this level of play. Hellspike once again screens this warband as it approaches the enemy.

Variations on this warband replace the Acheron Goblins with a Large Ice Elemental, a Thayan Knight, a Wraith, or two Large Duergars. Other interesting 50-point Lawful Evil warbands include:

  • Goblin Underboss, Wererat Rogue x2, Dire Rat
  • Urthok the Vicious, Bugbear Footpad
  • Red Hand War Sorcerer, Large Duergar
  • Duergar Slaver, Soulknife Infiltrator
  • Half-Orc Executioner x2, Duergar Warrior
  • Inspired Shock Trooper x4, Greenspawn Sneak

The Slave Squad (CE)

Slave Squad Quaggoth Slave x5 (50 pts)
Teleport Temple
Total = 50 pts, 5 activations

The Quaggoth Slave is a powerful piece in 50-point skirmish. It is very mobile with a speed of 8, and being Fearless means it will stick around till the end of the fight. In addition, its attack and damage bonuses are very respectable. The Quaggoth Slave needs to advance quickly and strike to boost its low starting hit points. The Teleport Temple allows a great deal of mobility to this already mobile piece, and falling out of command is not a concern. Slower warbands are more likely to find themselves penned up and assaulted from all directions by your teleporting Quaggoth Slaves.

Other interesting 50-point Chaotic Evil warbands include --

  • Bugbear Gang Leader, Bugbear Footpad, Bugbear x2
  • Githyanki Fighter, Wood Woad
  • Drow Sergeant, Magma Hurler
  • Drow Sergeant, Barbarian Mercenary x3, Poison Dusk Lizardfolk
  • Owlbear Rager, Minotaur Skeleton
  • Ghast x2
  • Feral Minotaur, Burning Skeleton, Skeletal Archer
  • Half-Orc Assassin x3, Timber Wolf

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Jason Sallay (aka Foxman) lives in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) with his wife Carolyn and two young boys. He first started playing D&D in 1987 and hasn't stopped since. He works in the IT industry in desktop support. Jason originally started collecting D&D Miniatures for his tabletop game and then began playing the D&D Miniatures game "to get more use out of them."

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