D&D Miniatures
Divine Aid
by Aldric Baker II

Most gracious and noble patron, please hear your servant's plea in her time of need!

-- Alana, Cleric of Dol Arrah

The only survivor of her adventuring party stands in a protective sacred circle, desperately praying for aid from her patron deity. Unless her prayers are answered, the evil creatures closing in from both flanks will certainly send her to meet her companions in the afterlife.

Divine Aid is a scenario for two or three players.

Map: Either Dragon Shrine or Drow Enclave.

Warbands: Three warbands totaling six hundred points are used. Two of them should be 150 points each and either Lawful Evil or Chaotic Evil (both need not be the same). Each warband should have no more than seven creatures. No individual creature can cost more than 50% of its warband's total (75 points).

The other player chooses one Lawful Good or Chaotic Good mini that has cleric/warpriest/paladin/divine in its name (all are listed below). This is the Caller. Build a 300-point warband around that figure (counting the Caller's value in the cost) with no more than twelve creatures and no less than six. This warband must match the Caller's faction. Only Outsiders, Undead, and Celestial Magical Beasts of the same faction as the Caller are allowed. If creature has mixed factions, treat it as having LG or CG only. No one creature can cost more than 50% of the warband's total cost (150 points).

Setup: Each player rolls a d20. The high roller chooses which warband he wants to play, then the second highest chooses a warband (if there are three players), and the third player gets the remaining warband.

The two evil warbands are set up in entry areas on opposite ends of the battlemat. Place the Caller on the sacred/summoning circle. The Caller remains on the circle until all aid (the entire warband) is summoned onto the battlemat. As long as the Caller is on the sacred/summoning circle, his warband is Fearless and receives 10 hp of healing every round.

Play follows the standard rules except as noted below.

Activations: If the 300-point warband has only one or zero summoned creatures in play at the start of a round, then the Caller gets two activations per round. When activated, it can either summon aid or take a normal turn (moving, attacking, using a special ability, or casting a spell). A creature that is summoned this round can't activate until the next round. Otherwise, creatures activate as usual. Once all 300 pts worth of good-aligned creatures have been summoned, all creatures activate as usual.

Summoning Aid: The Caller must summon the creatures of his warband one at a time. He can make a summoning attempt each time he activates until all creatures of the warband have been summoned.

To make a summoning attempt, roll 1d20 -- a roll of 1-5 is a failure. On 6+, a creature might be summoned.

To determine what creature is summoned, roll a die that is as close as possible to the original number of summonable creatures in the warband. This are shown below.

6 d6
7, 8 d8
9, 10 d10
11, 12 d12

Each creature in your warband is assigned a number. If your die roll equals a creature's number, then that creature is summoned. If the number matches a creature that was already summoned, treat it as a failure.


The good player must defeat all enemies. The evil player(s) must destroy every good creature on the battlemat, including the Caller. Once the Caller is destroyed, no more creatures can be summoned.

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Creature Faction Set
Jozan, Cleric of Pelor LG/CG Harbinger
Cleric of Dol Arrah LG Angelfire
Cleric of Lathander LG Archfiends
Cleric of Moradin LG Dragoneye
Cleric of Order LG Harbinger
Cleric of St. Cuthbert LG Aberrations
Cleric of Syreth LG Dragon Queen
Cleric of Yondalla LG Harbinger
Half-Orc Paladin LG Underdark
Mounted Paladin LG Angelfire
Paladin of Torm LG Archfiends
Stalwart Paladin LG Dragoneye
Warpriest of Moradin LG War Drums
Cleric of Corellon Larethian CG Harbinger
Cleric of Garl Glittergold CG Aberrations
Cleric of Kord CG Archfiends
Cleric of Sune CG Unhallowed
Divine Crusader of Corellon CG Angelfire
Goliath Cleric of Kavaki CG Dragon Queen

About the Author

Aldric Baker is a recent addition to the DDM community from Central Pennsylvania. He opened his first booster two years ago, and he's been hooked on the game ever since. When he isn't busy chasing after his son (AKA the world's fastest grade schooler) or off in his own little world, he throws together a few warbands and hopes his dice luck is good ...

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