D&D Miniatures05/03/2007

Knowledge Arcana issue #9
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The spring issue of Knowledge Arcana -- a quarterly magazine written by the Wizards community for the Wizards community -- is now available for download. Check out issue nine’s exclusive interview with fantasy artist Todd Lockwood on page 62, where Todd discusses his techniques, his career, and the future of fantasy artwork. If you’re a budding artist or just like to look, this interview is for you. Of special interest to D&D Minis fans is David Paul’s first installment of a four-part series entitled Take Command, which analyzes the commander options for each alignment faction. On a less serious note, Unglued! renders many classic D&D archetypes into the DDM format. Do you dare to play the Dungeon Master? Can Sarah turn your opponents into mindless, slavering hulks? Check out page 57 and find out!

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