D&D Miniatures03/29/2007

Updated D&D Miniatures Errata and FAQ
Update: March 29, 2007

Thanks to the tireless effort and drive of Guy Fullerton, we have an up-to-date, official D&D Miniatures Errata and FAQ document available through wizards.com!

This new document is current as of today, March 29, 2007. It will be updated as necessary to keep it as fresh as possible.

This document replaces both the previous Errata document and the previous FAQ. Those will no longer be considered official, and they will not be linked from the Errata/Faq page.

As usual, this document can also be found via the Errata/Faq page. That page can always be reached by using the links in the left-hand navigation bar found on all D&D Miniatures pages. (You'll find lots of other useful material there, too. If you haven't visited lately, check it out.)

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