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These files contain all the D&D Miniatures RPG and skirmish stat cards that conform to the original (pre-Dungeons of Dread) rules. Printouts of these cards are legal for use in DCI-sanctioned tournaments. You still need official, legal miniatures, of course (which includes approved Chainmail figures and certain modified plastic figures). Those allowances and restrictions are covered in the DCI Floor Rules.

Please Note -- The original Archfiends skirmish PDF contained misprints of four cards. The Aspect of Bane, Aspect of Demogorgon, Aspect of Lolth, and Aspect of Orcus cards incorrectly listed Independent as a special ability. In addition, the Aspect of Orcus card omitted the DC (17) for its Death Blow ability. These misprinted cards are not legal in sanctioned play. The currently available version of the file contains corrected cards. If you downloaded the file (DDM_03AF_Skirm.zip) prior to December 12, 2006, you should delete it and download the updated version linked below.

Downloadable Stat Card Sets, Original Rules (zipped PDF)

Skirmish Cards RPG Cards
1. Harbinger Harbinger
2. Dragoneye Dragoneye
3. Archfiends Archfiends
4. Giants of Legend Giants of Legend
5. Aberrations Aberrations
6. Deathknell Deathknell
7. Angelfire Angelfire
8. Underdark Underdark
9. War Drums War Drums
10. War of the Dragon Queen War of the Dragon Queen
11. Blood War Blood War
12. Unhallowed Unhallowed
13. Night Below Night Below
14. Desert of Desolation Desert of Desolation
A. Iconic Dragons (Red, Black, Blue)
B. D&D Basic Game
C. Promotional Epic Promo Epic skirmish cards, individual
D. Chainmail Equivalency

Downloadable Checklists and Rules Inserts (zipped PDF)
10. War of the Dragon Queen
11. Blood War
12. Unhallowed
13. Night Below
14. Desert of Desolation

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