D&D Miniatures02/22/2007

Unhallowed Preview 11
Lacking Experience

So, you followed the link anyway, despite our caveat ...

Last week's preview closed with these ominous words --

"That's it for this week. Next week, we'll look at a couple more minis, and I'll fill you in on my own D&D experience at D&D Experience."

Lo, Death hovers near ...Full details have yet to be released, but suffice it to say that, after a raucus weekend spent experiencing the convention, Herr Schubert returned in somewhat diminished condition -- no longer his usual pristinely-dressed, immaculately coifed, rosy-cheeked self. We here at Wizards.com do not point fingers, but when our co-workers are drained of their very life essence in such a way, one cannot help but raise one's eyebrow ... .

And yet, Stephen -- always the soul of courage -- has promised to provide for our needs even as he gasps for air on his convalescent bed. He asks only that we grant him a bit more patience, a few more rasping breaths, before drawing the sheets over his pallid frame and this series of previews.

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