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Stat Card Downloads
It's Gargantuan! It's Colossal! It's an Iconic Dragon!

I am Colossal! I am Red! I am a Dragon!We started this process with the Harbinger cards from way back in 2003, and we're now up to the enormous, iconic dragons -- the Gargantuan Black Dragon, Gargantuan Blue Dragon, and Colossal Red Dragon!

This file contains each dragon's RPG and Skirmish stats on one page for easy reference in either a full-blown (and probably fatal) D&D encounter or a beyond-epic Skirmish.

Links to these comprehensive stat card files can also be found on the FAQ/Errata page for easy future reference.

Please Note -- The original Archfiends skirmish PDF contained misprints of four cards. The Aspect of Bane, Aspect of Demogorgon, Aspect of Lolth, and Aspect of Orcus cards incorrectly listed Independent as a special ability. In addition, the Aspect of Orcus card omitted the DC (17) for its Death Blow ability. These misprinted cards are not legal in sanctioned play. The currently available version of the file contains corrected cards. If you downloaded the file (DDM_03AF_Skirm.zip) prior to December 12, 2006, you should delete it and download the updated version linked below.


Harbinger skirmish cards -- (2.5 MB .zip)
Harbinger RPG cards -- (1.1 MB .zip)

Dragoneye skirmish cards -- (1.9 MB .zip)
Dragoneye RPG cards -- (1 MB .zip)

Archfiends skirmish cards -- (1.9 MB .zip)
Archfiends RPG cards -- (.9 MB .zip)

Giants of Legend skirmish cards -- (2.3 MB .zip)
Giants of Legend RPG cards -- (1.1 MB .zip)

Aberrations skirmish cards -- (4.0 MB .zip)
Aberrations RPG cards -- (1.5 MB .zip)

Deathknell skirmish cards -- (4.3 MB .zip)
Deathknell RPG cards -- (2.7 MB .zip)

Angelfire skirmish cards -- (4.3 MB .zip)
Angelfire RPG cards -- (2.4 MB .zip)

Underdark skirmish cards -- (5.3 MB .zip)
Underdark RPG cards -- (2.9 MB .zip)

War Drums skirmish cards -- (5.3 MB .zip)
War Drums RPG cards -- (3 MB .zip)

War of the Dragon Queen skirmish cards -- (4 MB .zip)
War of the Dragon Queen RPG cards -- (1.8 MB .zip)

Blood War skirmish cards -- (5 MB .zip)
Blood War RPG cards -- (2 MB .zip)
Blood War insert -- (0.6 MB .zip)

Iconic Dragon Skirmish and RPG cards -- (3.8 MB .zip)

D&D Basic Game skirmish cards (0.6 MB .zip)

Promo Epic skirmish cards -- (1.5 MB .zip)

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