D&D Miniatures
Fragments of Power
by Frank Emanuel

"The third piece must be here somewhere!"

-- Ember, the Monk

Bradenmarr has assembled the finest and fastest warriors to retrieve the Tokens of Power -- with this force he vows to assemble the Amulet of Power and defeat all his foes, including his archenemy Voth! Centuries ago, the three Amulets of Power were broken into pieces and scattered throughout the dungeons of Meldore. All attempts to regain the fragments ended in failure. But now, you are convinced that your warband will succeed where so many have failed.

Unfortunately for Bradenmarr, his archenemy Voth also has plans for the Amulet. Whoever gains the first Amulet of Power will be able to control all the others. The wearer of the Amulet will know no equal and will rule the land!

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About the Author

Frank Emanuel is an avid gamer from the Great White North. He has been playing D&D and other RPGs since the early 80s and strategy games from long before that. When he is not rolling dice, Frank finds time to be a father, husband, student, and minister.

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