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Unhallowed Preview 4
Happy New Year!

We've returned from our holiday break to find quite a bit of work waiting for us. Bear with me while we get settled back into our normal preview schedule.

While the first few previews have given you a glimpse at some of the Rare miniatures of the set, this week's preview look at three Uncommons that would be perfect for PCs in your D&D game. We've also tuned their skirmish stats to make them interesting choices to include in your warband, especially in a Sealed or Draft Limited game.

Cleric of Sune

Cleric of SuneSune is the Forgotten Realms goddess of beauty, love, and passion, and this miniature tries to capture everything a Cleric of Sune would represent. She works nicely as a proxy for a wizard or sorcerer, too. She's a commander in the skirmish game, as her beauty inspires those around her to fight for her, or maybe over her. It seems most humanoids just want to impress her. Her commander effect provides an attack and damage bonus to all humanoids in range, whether those humanoids are allies or enemies. Though she doesn't need to worry much about getting hit by those creatures she's inciting, because her Amazing Beauty ability requires any humanoid to overcome a saving throw in order to hit her with a melee attack. Her use of Turn Undead also helps battle the inevitable undead creatures she'll face in a Limited game.

Halfling BrawlerHalfling Brawler

The short fellow here is the Halfling Brawler. He's ready for a street fight, bringing a pair of hand axes into the fray. While he can double-toss his hand axes, his greatest threat is when he fights creatures larger than him. His dual-wielding style gives him a couple of swings that could do 15 damage each to a Medium or larger creature, which covers all but about a half dozen of the miniatures in the Unhallowed expansion.

Vampire HunterVampire Hunter

Finally, the Vampire Hunter, with a wooden stake loaded into his crossbow. This guy lives by hunting the dead. He's also one of the coolest looking PC-types we've done in plastic. You'll definitely want to consider including him in a warband if you expect to fight undead, because 20 damage against an undead target (or 15 at range) is exceptional for an 18-point mini. If you expect to fight a vampire, you'll want him just for his Wooden Stake ability, which can destroy a vampire outright (it allows a save, of course). If only he brought more than one.

Next week we'll get to our regular schedule, and take a look at some elementary concepts, including this little guy here.

It's looking right at me! Aagh!About the Author

Stephen Schubert is a Developer in RPG/Minis R&D, Lead Developer for the D&D Miniatures Game, and has worked on a variety of D&D game products, including Monster Manual IV, Tome of Battle, and Magic Item Compendium. He is the author of the upcoming Eberron super-adventure Eyes of the Lich Queen.

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