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Reclamation: Queen Peregrine's Tomb

Queen Peregrine's TombWe're happy to bring you Part 2 of the Reclamation solo adventure!

With fire and sword, Odo Heavyheart reclaimed Mithril Mines from the monstrous creatures that overran it and slew his clan. Many allies were lost in the fight -- all hail the fallen heroes! -- but once again, the mines ring properly with the sound of dwarven hammers, and Odo is restored as Odo Orecrusher.

The struggle, however, is not over. Rumblings were felt, arising from depths so primal and unknown that even the dwarves hesitate to explore them. As the tremors grew more insistent, a troubling question arose in council -- what if the creatures that swarmed upward and overran the mine were not raiders seeking loot and carnage, as had been presumed? What if they were fleeing the deeps, seeking safety nearer the surface?

Troglodyte BarbarianThe mine's lowest tunnels were deliberately collapsed as a defense. With chiefly young, untested warriors in his reconstituted clan, Odo issued a writ for mercenaries and adventurers to supplement his force.

His clan's hope rests on those heroes, and on one other thing …

The long-ago promise of Queen Peregrine, matriarch of the Orecrushers. According to the Qonagnsaga, a talisman was entombed with her. Its power was forgotten ages ago, but not the promise -- "When survival teeters on the pick's point, come to me for aid."

Duergar ChampionReclamation: Tomb of Queen Peregrine is a solitaire adventure intended to be played with D&D Miniatures and the DDM skirmish rules. It is designed to be played by one player alone, but it can also be played by a group of players cooperating to achieve their common goal or even as a short, traditional RPG with a group of players and a referee.

Queen Peregrine is a sequel to Reclamation: Mithril Mines. Players who haven't worked through that adventure may want to download it as well, though Queen Peregrine stands on its own -- it's not necessary to play Mithril Mines before playing this adventure.

Download Reclamation: Queen Peregrine's Tomb and start playing today! (223k ZIP/PDF)

About the Author

Steve Winter is a writer, game designer, and web producer living in the Seattle area. He's been involved with publishing D&D in one form or another since 1981. Tiny people and monsters made of plastic and lead are among his favorite obsessions.

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