D&D Miniatures08/18/2006

Temple of Chaos

Teleport Temple, aka Temple of ChaosThey were known as the Brotherhood of Chaos, and they created the teleport temple as the ultimate tribute to their unpredictability. Within the temple they placed eleven dimensionally linked portals. These could be used to jump from one position to another in the temple. That is what happens most of the time these portals are used -- but the brotherhood felt it was only appropriate to add a few surprises as well.

Temple of Chaos is a very simple scenario played with normal warbands on the Teleport Temple map. The only difference is that each time you use a teleporter, you're never quite sure what will happen!

To join in the chaos, download the scenario and play!

About the Author

Frank Emanuel is an avid gamer from the Great White North. He has been playing D&D and other RPGs since the early 80s and strategy games from long before that. When he is not rolling dice, Frank finds time to be a father, husband, student, and minister.

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