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War of the Dragon Queen
Random Encounters

Here's a random encounter table for a 5th–level dungeon. All the creatures on the table are from the War of the Dragon Queen set, and all are commons or uncommons. If you don't have the miniatures listed here, substitute any similar figures that you do own.

Use this table to generate the less important encounters in a dungeon or similar area or as a list of encounters with ELs near or at 5th level, or use this as a list from which to choose an encounter whenever you need one.

d% Encounter
1–10 Roll on 4th–level table
11–14 Azer Fighter (CR 3)
15–18 Dragonwrought Kobold (CR 3)
19–21 2 War Apes (CR 2)
22–24 2 Cloudreavers (CR 2)
25–26 Azer Fighter (CR 3) + 2 Storm Archers (CR 1)
27–28 Dragonwrought Kobold (CR 3) + 2 Small Fire Elementals (CR 1)
29–31 Dread Warrior (CR 4)
32–35 Witchknife (CR 4)
36–39 Small Black Dragon (CR 4)
40–43 Dread Warrior (CR 4) + 3 Kobold Zombies (CR 1/3)
44–47 Witchknife (CR 4) + War Ape (CR 2)
48–50 Small Black Dragon (CR 4) + Dragonwrought Kobold (CR 3)
51–53 2 War Apes (CR 2) + Cloudreaver (CR 2)
54–56 Cleric of Laogzed (CR 5)
57–59 Small Copper Dragon (CR 5)
60–62 Wererat Rogue (CR 5)
63–66 Demonic Gnoll Archer (CR 5)
67–70 Cleric of Laogzed (CR 5) + Azer Fighter (CR 3)
71–73 Small Copper Dragon (CR 5) + Dragonwrought Kobold (CR 3)
74–76 Wererat Rogue (CR 5) + Dread Warrior (CR 4)
77–80 Demonic Gnoll Archer (CR 5) + 3 War Apes (CR 2)
81–82 Blackspawn Exterminator (CR 6)
83–84 2 Demonic Gnoll Archers (CR 5)
85–86 Blackspawn Exterminator (CR 6) + Witchknife (CR 4)
87 Doom Fist Monk (CR 7)
88 Greenspawn Razorfiend (CR 7)
89 Huge Fiendish Spider (CR 7)
90 Huge Fire Elemental (CR 7)
91–00 Roll on 6th–level table

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