D&D Miniatures07/13/2006

Rescue the Prince

Merra laid hands on the prince, restoring him to health. “How much time do we have?” she questioned the warrior at her back.

“I think I hear them coming. We’d better go now.”

The rescue party hastily prepared to fight its way back to the surface.

Drow OutpostThe prince always was a bit headstrong, so it came as no surprise that he ignored the warnings about the treachery of the drow. The dark elves had been raiding into his protectorate, stealing cattle in the dead of night. He set out with five strong knights and a plan to broker peace. After defeating the knights and capturing the prince, the drow strapped one knight to his horse to trot back to the castle with the drow ultimatum -- leave us alone or your prince will die.

That is where you come in. Your party has been assembled to infiltrate the Drow Outpost and recover the prince. You started out strong, but the journey has taken its toll on your numbers. Can you get the prince back to his castle?

There's only one way to find out -- download the scenario and play!

(Note that if you downloaded the scenario before 1 p.m. EDT on July 13, the setup map showed an incorrect location for drow team 2. The text note indicating Victory Area B was correct. The downloadable scenario now has a corrected map as shown above.)

About the Author

Frank Emanuel is an avid gamer from the Great White North. He has been playing D&D and other RPGs since the early 80s and strategy games from long before that. When he is not rolling dice, Frank finds time to be a father, husband, student, and minister.

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