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It all began with a skull. On a battlefield, even the thrill of victory cannot sustain the restlessness of troops. One bored warrior was admiring the skull of his vanquished enemy when another decided to take it from him. Soon the whole troop was trying to wrestle the skull from each other. It was then that Captain G'ragg had an idea, perhaps the best idea of his life. Too bad good ideas cannot stop axes!

In honor of the World Cup, we proudly present Skullrunner, the DDM version of soccer. Skullrunner involves teams of six players -- a runner, two blockers, two guards, and a protector. The object is to score points by running the skull off the map through your enemy's exit. You also need to prevent your opponent from doing the same.

Skullrunner is played on the Field of Ruins map and uses standard skirmish rules plus a few additional rules to deal with the skull. Each team consists of a 100 point warband containing exactly six figures.

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About the Author

Frank Emanuel is an avid gamer from the Great White North. He has been playing D&D and other RPGs since the early 80s and strategy games from long before that. When he is not rolling dice, Frank finds time to be a father, husband, student, and minister.

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