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War of the Dragon Queen Preview 8
Caught Red Handed

Quite a few D&D players and DMs (including myself) have begun playing through the excellent adventure Red Hand of Doom by Rich Baker and James Jacobs. In the War Drums D&D Miniatures release, we provided some support for the adventure, with the inclusion of Blood Ghost Berserkers, Chimera, and even Snig, Worg Rider. In War of the Dragon Queen, we provide more miniatures that will help bring the encounters in Red Hand of Doom to life. In addition to a couple of Spawn of Tiamat that made their debut in the adventure and also show up in WotDQ, we're helping to fill out the hobgoblin ranks.

Doom Fist MonkDoom Fist Monk

First up is the Doom Fist Monk. In Red Hand of Doom, the Doom Fists use a new exotic weapon called a dragonchain, which is a 6-foot length of chain with a dragon head-shaped weight on one end and a loop of chain on the other. The monks of the Doom Fist use these weapons to disarm, trip, or even constrict their opponents. Despite the complexity of including a chain weapon on a common mini, our sculptors managed to incorporate the weapon by wrapping it close around the monk's arm, allowing the mini to be cast as a single piece.

The Doom Fist's skirmish stats follow some of the standard conventions we've used to translate monks into the skirmish game. With an 18 AC and 45 hp, the monk can take a couple hits (and a couple misses), while Speed 8 provides a reasonable amount of mobility. A couple of Stunning Attacks with mid-teen DCs will come in very useful. Plus, two attacks for 10 damage make this 27-point common mini playable with the right synergies in your warband.

Hobgoblin Talon of TiamatHobgoblin Talon of Tiamat

These leaders of the Red Hand bear their colors proudly. This standard-bearing hobgoblin is somewhat reminiscent of the Hobgoblin Adept from Chainmail days, though the Talon is more heavily armored, and it's really the flag that creates the similarity. The Talon of Tiamat's standard is emblazoned with the Red Hand (of the aforementioned "Doom"), and he works well on any table as a leader of hobgoblins, a Red Hand cleric, or one of the Red Hand wyrmlords.

The Hobgoblin Talon of Tiamat is useful for building a warband themed around the Red Hand of Doom adventure. Tiamat's Talon is able to build any of the dragonspawn minis into Lawful Evil, thanks to its Warband Building. The army of the Red Hand isn't just dragonspawn, so the Talon's commander effect provides an attack boost not only to the Spawn of Tiamat but also to any other nearby goblinoid or dragon followers, while at the same time he gets a +2 to his own attack roll for every dragon or goblinoid next to his target. 37 points for this commander allows plenty of room for a Blackspawn and Greenspawn plus a Large Green Dragon and some Whitespawn fodder, letting his attack bonus quickly add up. The Talon rounds out his abilities with a cone-shaped breath weapon that deals a bit of cold damage. The Talon is a decent package with some staying power, though it really depends on its troops to deal significant damage.

Next week, we'll look at some low-level critters -- but which ones?

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Stephen Schubert is a Developer with RPG/Minis R&D and is the lead developer for D&D Miniatures starting with next July's War of the Dragon Queen. He's also helped develop many exciting upcoming D&D products, including Player's Handbook II, Monster Manual IV, Tome of Magic, and Tome of Battle!

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