D&D Miniatures05/11/2006

Heavy Artillery

Smoke rises from the Field of Ruin. Your ears still ring with the command to retrieve your engine of war. Over the ringing a collective grunt announces the return of your scout. Judging by the look on her face, the news is not good. The Arcane Ballista is intact, but it seems the enemy had the same idea. You quickly note that the enemy ballista is not far from your current position, but it seems the enemy has discovered yours as well. There is no way your sworn enemy is going to make this easy. You can't let the enemy recover their ballista, and you certainly can't let them steal yours. This is going to be harder than you expected. You quickly bark out the battle plan, hoping against hope that you will at least catch the enemy by surprise.

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About the Author

Frank Emanuel is an avid gamer from the Great White North. He has been playing D&D and other RPGs since the early 80s and strategy games from long before that. When he is not rolling dice, Frank finds time to be a father, husband, student, and minister.

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