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War of the Dragon Queen Preview 2
Spawn of Tiamat

Aspect of TiamatWhat do you do if you are an evil dragon goddess intent on dominating the world, and all your chosen followers want to do is eat maidens and amass treasure hoards? If you are Tiamat, you take matters into your own hands. This year, D&D's Year of Dragons, brings Tiamat's new minions into the fight. The Dragon Queen has declared war, and it would be best to not stand in her way.

This week, I'll introduce you to a couple of the Dragon Queen's new children, collectively known as the Spawn of Tiamat. These critters have been sent into the world to finally bring draconic domination. You'll find out more about them in the upcoming Monster Manual IV, which includes entries for each of the dragonspawn in this miniatures expansion as well as many others. WotDQ features spawn of Tiamat that represent each of the five chromatic legacies, including these two.

Bluespawn Godslayer

Among the largest of dragonspawn, Bluespawn Godslayers carry the war into the lairs of metallic dragons and against the aspects of gods that challenge Tiamat. The Godslayer is a melee tank, capable of mighty blows from its electrically charged sword. It uses a shield fashioned from the skull of one of its victims, as much for protection as a trophy demonstrating its might.

Bluespawn Godslayer

In the D&D Miniatures game, the Huge, uncommon Bluespawn Godslayer provides a massive force for Lawful Evil. It lives up to its name, with both Dragon Slayer and Outsider Slayer abilities that bring its damage potential against the right target to 90 points per round. Against other foes, it still strikes for 25 damage per hit (20 magic +5 electricity) and can strike at foes up to three squares away. Defensively, the Godslayer boasts a 23 AC, Spell Resistance, and the best DR in the game. It's trained to fight even the gods themselves, so don't expect this guy to run away from anything that might find its way into a warband.

Blackspawn ExterminatorBlackspawn Exterminator

The standard version of this particular dragonspawn makes a brief appearance in Rich Baker's and James Jacobs's Red Hand of Doom. Like all of these Spawn of Tiamat, it is featured in Monster Manual IV. In those sources, this creature is referred to as a Blackspawn Raider. Exterminators are a sect of Blackspawn Raiders that have advanced by class levels -- in this case, ninja levels. Imagine a black dragon-headed humanoid stepping out of the shadows and decapitating your comrade with a Sudden Strike-enhanced swipe of a falchion, and you'll get the gist of the Exterminator's modus operandi.

The skirmish stats of the Blackspawn Exterminator place him squarely in the middle of a popular group of orcs and ogres. He has the same speed as, and 4 more AC than, a Red Samurai (from Dragoneye) and a few more hit points than the esteemed Orc Champion. His best damage is dealt when his Sudden Strike hits, allowing him to slice for 20 per swing. He might not have the pure damage output of the other beaters in his point range, but his ability to become Invisible for a turn and also drop a 20 acid damage line (DC 18!) should allow this uncommon miniature to find his way into CE warbands.

That's it for the first look at the dragonspawn. Check out Preview X for daily glimpses at other WotDQ figures. Next week, we summon up a preview that clearly demonstrates what's hot.

About the Author

Stephen Schubert is a Developer with RPG/Minis R&D and is the lead developer for D&D Miniatures starting with next July's War of the Dragon Queen. He's also helped develop many exciting upcoming D&D products, including Player's Handbook II, Monster Manual IV, Tome of Magic, and Tome of Battle!

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