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Gnome Sweet Gnome
War of the Dragon Queen Preview 1

Players have been asking for War of the Dragon Queen previews and for more gnome miniatures. We've decided to kill two birds with one stone and preview both in a single article. We think you'll agree that WotDQ in general and these figures in particular represent an exciting new direction for D&D Miniatures.

Funguy HalbardierFunguy Halbardier

This common figure is the backbone of any funguy warband. ('Funguy' is a subtype of gnome, which is in turn a subtype of humanoid. Sub-subtypes is just one of several new concepts we're introducing in WotDQ. We're confident that this one lends itself to nearly endless expansion.) The Funguy Halbardier is the only small-size figure we've ever done with Melee Reach. Instead of nailing it down to two spaces, though, the FH has Melee Reach 1d3. The actual distance is rolled anew right before each attack. Even better, intervening figures actually provide a Melee Attack boost instead of cover for the defender.

His AC isn't particularly high, but he gets a boost from the Conceal-like effect of another new special ability, Mushroom Camouflage. This represents the Funguy Halbardier hunkering down behind his shield so that attackers believe that he's just a harmless, giant mushroom.

Aggressive costing on the figure guarantees that he'll see plenty of competitive play, and we're equally sure that it will be popular as a player character figure in role-playing campaigns.

Funguy Boom-'ShroomerFunguy Boom-'Shroomer

This figure (an uncommon) provides ranged attack capability to the all-funguy warband, even if it's only range 6. Be careful with the placement of those boom-'shrooms, though, because they're a radius 4 area of effect. That makes the Boom-'Shroomer tricky to use -- something like a fire-and-forget missile. And don't let your opponent get any ranged attacks of his own against this figure, because its Deathburst could wipe out half your warband!

Besides the boom-'shroom, this figure has a second special ability reminiscent of troglodytes -- Bait (Adjacent living creatures without Bait must move one space away from this figure when they activate; DC 13 negates).

Frums Apap, Funguy BerserkerFrums Apap, Funguy Berserker

The only rare Funguy in the WotDQ set, Frums Apap may look small, but he stands tall in the pantheon of DDM heavy hitters. Combining Powerful Charge with the new ability So-Quick-You'll-Hardly-Believe-Your-Eyes Attack (This figure may keep making Melee Attacks until it misses) gives Frums the potential to rout or destroy much tougher figures in a single activation.

Frums is also the first small-size figure to have an Epic version. We can't reveal much about his Epic stats this early, but we will state this -- Fearless, Spring Attack, and Minions!

April Fool's!

Thanks for being good sports. Wizards of the Coast loves being able to joke around with our fans and we hope you enjoyed it. (Bonus Gnome)

About the Author

Jeffey "Jeffey the Shoemaker" Shumaker is, despite still using the name "Jeffey," chronologically old enough to be considered an adult. He is a perennial pest in the Wizards R&D department, hanging around constantly even though his job is elsewhere in the building. He was allowed to write this preview in the desperate hope that if someone tossed him a bone, he might shut up.

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