D&D Miniatures03/23/2006

Reclamation: Variants Part 2

A while back, we ran a solo DDM adventure called Reclamation: Mithril Mines. It proved to be fairly popular -- so much so that players started designing their own variants and posting them in the forum. Because we like to reward socially constructive behavior, we promised a DDM booster box to anyone who wrote a good variant. By the time the deadline came, we had ten good variants!

Rather than dump them on everyone all at once, we'll pump out a few a week. (If you're too impatient to wait, you can get them from the forum, but they won't be nicely formatted for printing.) We're up to week #2 and variants 4, 5, and 6.

To play these variants, you'll also need to download the original scenario to get many of the rules. Each adventure includes its own list of monster stats for players who don't have the necessary stat cards in their collections.

This week's offerings are --

  • Fresh Meat by HailSpork -- Mercenaries enter the mines to rescue a kidnapped prince.
  • Mines of Madness by Brimulk -- Drow scour the mines for a lost artifact.
  • Partnership of the Thing by Steven A. Townshend -- A motley assortment of heroes seek to escort a troublesome magical dingus through a subterranean passage.

And you'll want --

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