D&D Miniatures
Reclamation: Mithral Mines
By Steve Winter

We're happy to bring you the first-ever solitaire D&D Miniatures adventure!

Gold Dwarf SoldierWhen Odo Heavyheart was a child in but his fourth year, he was known as Odo Orecrusher, firstborn of Harge Orecrusher, master of the great Mithral Mine. One day, Moradin willing, Odo would rule his small but important clan as did his father and as had his grandfathers before them.

In that fourth year, Harge, Odo, and a band of retainers traveled away from their ancestral home in the mine to see their lord, Sertu Axebreaker, and renew their pledge of fealty.

Fateful was that trip, for in Harge's absence, creatures from the depths rose up through secret ways and fell upon the mine's weakened defenders. Great was the slaughter, and swift. Of the Orecrusher clan, only those who traveled survived that day. This unhappy band discovered its loss upon returning to the ancestral home, where the heads of their loved ones were impaled upon stakes outside the entrance that was barred against them.

Kobold MinerGreat was Harge's sorrow, but greater still was his fury. Harge's mithral hammer burst the gates of the mine and he disappeared into the smoky gloom, followed by his household warriors. Only Odo, aged but four years, and his nursemaid remained above.

Sounds of distant battle reached their ears but were extinguished within the hour. In fear, Odo's nursemaid spirited away the child to a neighboring clan, where he was raised under a sorrowful name. As he grew in knowledge and might, so grew his pride, anger … and thirst for revenge.

Watch out for these!Thus it was that in his 85th year, Odo Heavyheart set out to avenge his clan and reclaim a heritage, and a name, that he barely recalls.

Reclamation: Mithral Mines is a solitaire adventure designed to be played with D&D Miniatures and the DDM skirmish rules. It is designed to be played by one player alone, but it can also be played by a group of players cooperating to achieve their common goal or even as a short, traditional RPG with a group of players and a referee.

Download Reclamation: Mithral Mines and start playing today! (232k ZIP/PDF)

About the Author

Steve Winter is a writer, game designer, and web producer living in the Seattle area. He's been involved with publishing D&D in one form or another since 1981. Tiny people and monsters made of plastic and lead are among his favorite obsessions.

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