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War Drums Preview 4
Eberron Action

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a fun-filled weekend to bring in the new year!

Last week, I showed you a common, uncommon, and a rare from the War Drums set (Hunting Cougar, Fiendish Girallon, and Wemic Barbarian, respectively). This week (and next) we'll spend some time in our campaign settings.

First up, Eberron! Our newest setting has a lot to offer, and the three minis here each draw from a different part of the world. Two of them would be considered bad guys in the Eberron setting, and the third is an excellent choice for a PC mini. I hope you get as excited about these minis as I am.

Zakya Rakshasa

Zakya RakshasaThis miniature steps right out of page 298 of the Eberron Campaign Setting. In Eberron, the fiendish rakshasa rajahs who once ruled the continent of Khorvaire were imprisoned ages ago. The lesser rakshasa evaded imprisonment and now scheme and plot to set free their former masters. These fiends are known as the Lords of Dust. While some of these rakshasa are sorcerers (as described in the Monster Manual), a rakshasa warrior race also exists: the zakya.

This rare miniature is a mid-cost front-liner for the lawful evil faction. Its first attack weighs in at +34, thanks to his True Strike ability, so it is exceedingly likely that he will plant 15 magic damage on his chosen target. It's also fleet of foot, keeping pace with another cat from the last preview. It has enough hit points to take a 30-point hit without checking morale, and that's if the hit gets past a solid 22 AC. If all that wasn't enough, the zakya also is a great anti-undead piece, because it has unlimited uses of one of the monster's spell-like abilities. I'm sure someone out there can figure out which one!

Inspired Lieutenant

Inspired LieutenantThe Inspired are a carefully bred race derived from human and elf stock. They are the noble rulers of the nation of Riedra. Extremely charismatic, they are idolized by the Riedran people, who perceive them as having the guidance of a divine spirit. They also rule with an iron fist and punish transgressors swiftly and harshly. Some dark force is rumored to be behind the power of the Inspired, perhaps even a malevolence from another plane.

The Inspired Lieutenant is one of seven uncommon commanders in War Drums, helping to ensure that everyone who picks up a booster or two will have at least one commander to begin play. She's not afraid to dish out punishment with her double-ended scimitar, either (though I think it looks more like a dual halberd). Between her Recall Agony special ability (replaces attacks; sight; 20 damage; DC 18) and her Smite +15, she's a threat not to be ignored. When you try to eliminate this figure, you should do so quickly, because she has enough psionic power points to manifest hostile empathic transfer twice, dealing and healing 25 damage -- but only when she's wounded.

Warforged Barbarian

Warforged BarbarianCoolest. Warforged. Ever.

This rare, chaotic good miniature makes me want to create a warforged barbarian as my next PC. It has less metal plating than the other living constructs we've done, but its armor is reinforced with bits of bone, and a massive scorpion pincer is strapped to its back. This guy epitomizes both words of his name.

The Warforged Barbarian is a tad cheaper than last week's Wemic variety of rager. Where the Wemic's cost comes from its speed and significant damage, this warforged benefits from damage reduction and the immunities associated with being a living construct. That's not to say that the Warforged Barbarian can't deal damage -- on the contrary, a solid 20 points of damage twice per round from its magic greatsword is worth a second look. He also sports an ability new to the D&D Miniatures game: Bloody Rage (Whenever this creature activates, 1 adjacent enemy immediately takes 5 damage).

That's it for this week. Next week, we'll look at a couple from some forgotten place.

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Stephen Schubert is a Developer with RPG/Minis R&D and is the lead developer for D&D Miniatures starting with next July's War of the Dragon Queen. He's also helped develop many exciting upcoming D&D products, including Player's Handbook II, Monster Manual IV, Tome of Magic, and Tome of Battle!

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