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Underdark Preview X
Rikka, Angelic Avenger

As the creator of the first-ever fan-designed D&D miniature*, it brings me great pleasure to present you with a quick glimpse of Rikka, Angelic Avenger. Bear in mind that this is simply a preview -- I apologize in advance to those hoping to see a more detailed article, but 60-hour work weeks and volunteer work with the Red Cross mean that I’ll have to wait until things slow down a bit before finishing that particular piece.

Rikka, Angelic Avenger One of my first priorities for making the miniature after I won the championship was creating a piece that would be constructed playable. The aesthetics of the process were also important to me, and especially to my lovely wife, on whom the miniature is based; I really wanted this piece to show up in tournament play at some point. While I’m sure may roleplayers will be happy to have their first half-celestial templated creature in the miniatures line, skirmishers should also be intrigued with her stats.

At 31 points, the non-epic version of Rikka has enough HP to survive several smacks from the game’s big hitters. She boasts an impressive array of special abilities, including Damage Reduction, Spell Resistance, several elemental resistances, and Flight. Her speed of F8 means she’ll be a highly mobile combatant for the Chaotic Good faction. Of course, the ability to avoid most attacks of opportunity thanks to Flight pairs beautifully with the special ability that is sure to add an additional measure of caution to the strategy of opposing players: Waylay. The rules text for Waylay reads: “This creature starts off the battle grid; before rolling initiative for a round, you may place this creature on a feature tile of your choice. Use this only once per skirmish.” She sports only a single melee attack but with enough magic damage in combination with her Waylay ability to strike fear into the hearts of low HP commanders, spellcasters, and support pieces.

Unlike other previews, I will mention a bit about her Epic stats. She comes in just shy of a hefty 150 points and has significant upgrades in terms of melee damage and HP. She gains an additional melee attack, Cleave, and a modest boost to AC. Interestingly, she also gains a special ability that allows you to heal as much as 30% of her HP back roughly 25% of the time you roll for initiative.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this non-lawful preview, and more importantly, I hope you enjoy using the new Rikka miniature. I think it promotes strategy in a very positive way, particularly by forcing both skirmish players to think about board position and timing at each stage of the game. I look forward to hearing stories about her at the prerelease and at upcoming tournaments. Have fun!

*About the Author

Brian P. Mackey, Ph.D., resides on the Jersey Shore with his lovely wife and works as a child psychologist. He started playing D&D in 1986 and recently earned the title of 2004 D&D Miniatures Champion. As part of his prize, Brian was invited to create a miniature for inclusion in the Underdark expansion, and the result is Rikka, Angelic Avenger. When Brian isn't perched over the gaming table, he spends his time stalking fish with his Rod of Fly Fishing +3 and preparing for his next rugby match. Brian has authored a number of professional publications and also does freelance work for Wizards of the Coast.

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