D&D Miniatures
Underdark Preview 9
Dangerous Women
by Rob Heinsoo

I'd planned to preview the Wizard Tactician this week, but the timing of that mini's release as a promo miniature means that many people have already seen all of the Tactician's goodies. Instead, we'll take a closer look at a Chaotic Good commander (the Nentyar Hunter) and introduce two newcomers from Lawful Good.

Nentyar Hunter

Nentyar Hunter Like the Wizard Tactician, the Nentyar Hunter breaks some of the rules for targeting ranged attacks. Odds are that it's nothing you've ever expected, so I'll just quote the relevant text from her commander effect: "If this creature makes both its ranged attacks against the same target, each follower within 6 squares with a ranged attack that has line of sight to that target may immediately make a single ranged attack against that target."

Yes, the Nentyar Hunter is the commander for Chaotic Good players who want to concentrate their missile fire and take more shots than their number of activations would indicate. I'm not going to say more, because the implications of this one will become clearer during play.

I'm extremely happy about the mini. I thought the art of the volodni woman on page 28 of the Unapproachable East book was a wonderful image of a pine-person, but I had no idea the art, sculpt, and paint job of the mini would come together so beautifully. It's one of my favorite uncommon minis ever.

Earth Shugenja

Earth Shugenja This character also turned out well -- graceful, mysterious, and with a mood that's unlike the rest of our minis but still appropriate for the game. It's an uncommon fighting for Lawful Good.

In the skirmish game, the Earth Shugenja casts spells like a sorcerer. She has something new for the game -- bull's strength as a 2nd-level spell, which she is capable of casting on up to three different creatures. However, don't immediately visualize yourself adding to the damage of your Sword Archons or Mounted Paladins. We chose to balance bull's strength by phrasing the spell as a challenge to your warband building talents: bull's strength (touch; target creature with cost 16 or less gets melee damage +5).

Slayer of Domiel

Slayer of Domiel She's an assassin who has converted to the side of the angels. We met her first on page 73 of the Book of Exalted Deeds. I love the mini's whirling pose and the details of her demonskin cloak.

She's a rare mini fighting for Lawful Good. In the right circumstances, her abilities can stack up so that she does 25 points of damage with her first attack and 20 points with her second. She has a number of assassin-style evasion and stealth abilities that haven't been seen in LG before, as well as a new ability that packs a lot of power: Marked Target (The first enemy this creature destroys is worth double victory points). Use her wisely against the proper target and you're halfway to victory.

That's it for this week -- except that there's another dangerous woman who should be previewed by her creator: Rikka, Angelic Avenger, swooshing out of ambush in an adjacent article!

About the Author

Rob Heinsoo is the lead designer of D&D Miniatures. He's also the designer of Three-Dragon Ante, the card game played by D&D characters in taverns everywhere. WotC will publish Three-Dragon Ante in November as a noncollectible, 72-card deck.

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