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Underdark Preview 8
Loyal, Strong, and Sure

This week we're peeking at three uncommon minis from Lawful Good.

Loyal Earth Elemental

Loyal Earth Elemental The Loyal Earth Elemental is an all-LG compadre of the LG/LE Xorn we looked at a few weeks ago. Both have Burrow 4 and both have a harder time hitting enemies with Flight. Beyond those similarities, this new elemental looks more like the Large Earth Elemental from Harbinger, but without the crazy-high Difficulty rating. Instead it comes with DR 5, Requires Commander, Cleave, and Melee Reach 2 -- everything a creature needs to function as a mid-level bodyguard or burrowing troublemaker.

As a large uncommon, this new Earth Elemental should be popular with roleplayers whose characters summon large elementals. For that matter, it should also work for characters who summon huge elementals -- we tried to make this rocky guy big enough that you could plausibly picture him on a 3x3 base, so spellcasters who want to summon a huge earth elemental wouldn't have to wait longer.

Githzerai Monk

Githzerai Monk Here's a Monk who will turn some heads. Or break them. He's 9th level, speed 10, AC 25. He has three uses of a Stunning Attack that's DC 18. And one all-important use of an ability called Unavoidable Strike (This creature's next melee attack roll is a natural 20). Yes, it's the Monk who's so lawful that he doesn't have to miss, at least once per game.

Given how often I've seen the Githzerai mini from Archfiends on gaming tables, I expect this Monk to do well for himself.

Half-Orc Paladin

Half-Orc Paladin Historically, Lawful Good has had problems dealing big damage. The Half-Orc Paladin could be part of the solution. His combat abilities aren't bad, but they're not going to be decisive. It's his commander effect that should make a difference -- Followers get melee damage +5 against enemies of level 7 or higher.

Unlike some Lawful Good commanders, the Half-Orc Paladin is perfectly at home fighting other Lawful Good warbands. In fact, he's likely to be even more effective against other Lawful Good warbands because LG creatures frequently have level/save stats that are higher than comparable creatures from other factions.

I've been using this mini, or its Organized Play alt-paint version, as my heavily armored half-orc fighter player character.

Next week -- Guests on our show will include a reformed assassin, a tactically astute wizard, and a bullish shugenja.

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