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Underdark Preview 6
Troglodytes United!

Generally we’re somewhat subtle about our warband building intentions. Not so with the two miniatures in this week’s preview. From now on, we have trogs.

Troglodyte Captain

Troglodyte Captain Here’s the Lawful Evil commander who makes the band possible: CE Troglodytes and CE Reptilians are legal in your warband, meaning that you can bring in Lizard Folk as well as trogs. If this miniature looks familiar to you, you might have owned our earlier metal version, produced for Chainmail. We can’t use the same molds, but we decided we liked the look of the earlier sculpt and tried to get close to it with this new uncommon miniature.

The Troglodyte Captain starts with high AC. It gets even better against adjacent living creatures, because the Captain’s Stench gives foes -2 attack (as well as -2 save and -2 AC).

The Trog warband may not be the most ruthless ever, but it is elegant: the Troglodyte Captain’s commander effect gives his followers +5 melee damage against enemies affected by Stench.

Troglodyte Barbarian

Troglodyte Barbarian If you’re serious about milking the Troglodyte Captain’s commander effect, you’ll want more minis with Stench. This one’s a tough common who fights for Chaotic Evil. He’s light on his feet and has a bundle of hit points, the type of threat enemies want to eliminate in a hurry so that they don’t have to cope with the consequences of his Stench for the whole battle.

There’s good news for limited play: when you draw a Troglodyte Captain in a two-booster box game, the odds are good that you’ll get at least one common Troglodyte Barbarian. Often you’ll get two, meaning you’ll have three creatures with Stench that can set up the rest of your creatures to take advantage of the Troglodyte Captain’s commander effect.

Next week -- Minis for your Fane of the Drow battlemaps.

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