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Underdark Preview 5
Artemis Entreri!

This week's duo occupies opposite ends of the power spectrum.

Artemis Entreri

Mat Smith showed you Bob Salvatore's anti-hero way back in August. The wait until you can hold this wonderful mini in your hands will be worth it when you get it on the gaming table. We've had some of the most entertaining games of our three-year playtest experience in battles involving Artemis Entreri, and that goes for both his standard version and his Epic stats.

I'm not going to talk about his Epic stats. I'm going to mention just a few of the things that make the standard version fun to play.

  • One-use of Backstab +20, which gives him +20 damage when using Melee Sneak Attack or Ranged Sneak Attack.
  • Hide, so that he can use his Ranged Sneak Attack +5 ability to throw that magic dagger.
  • Legendary Assassin (Whenever this creature destroys a Unique enemy, you score 10 extra victory points); Artemis may not be able to tackle Drizzt in a head-on fight, but if Drizzt has brought all his precious Unique friends, Artemis can ruin Drizzt's year.

As to the Epic version, let's just say Artemis Entreri isn't scared of no stinking Balors. Prudently wary, certainly. But not afraid.

Orc Skeleton

Q. Whatcha gonna do for an encore?
A. Just show 'em one of the new commons.

Q. Does this common mini have anything particularly interesting about it?
A. Well, it's the skeleton of an orc, and it's armed with a big sword.

Q. Um, I mean, something that the skirmish players are going to want to know?
A. Well, the people who have Orc Warriors may not care so much, but other folks may be happy to get a fast-moving, 5-point common that hits for 10 damage and is Fearless.

Q. But it has only 5 hp. Doesn't that sort of make the Fearless thing … I don't know … less of a big deal?
A. Did I mention that Artemis Entreri also has Dual Activation, so that he gets to act twice every round?!

Next week -- something stinky!

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Rob Heinsoo is the lead designer of D&D Miniatures. He's also the designer of Three-Dragon Ante, the card game played by D&D characters in taverns everywhere. WotC will publish Three-Dragon Ante in November as a noncollectible, 72-card deck.

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