D&D Miniatures07/07/2005

Chain Possession
Angelfire Preview 10

This week we're showing two rare minis from Lawful Evil.

Chain Devil


We've wanted to manufacture this mini since our early days, back when Dragoneye was the flight plan and Archfiends was just a notion. But first we had to make a few complicated minis and learn what could go wrong while attempting a few others to make sure that we could properly portray a devil wrapped in multiple chains.


The Chain Devil is a solid and somewhat inexpensive fighter with two distinguishing characteristics. First, it has four +9 melee attacks. Second, all four have Melee Reach 4. It's not quite a ranged attack, but like a ranged attack, it forces enemies to move out of kill zones into melees they might not otherwise choose.

Ghostly Consort


Is she the ghost of royalty from a forgotten empire or the recently deceased acquaintance of one of the PCs? Maybe both. Either way, she's floating comfortably above the ground that could not hold her, gesturing with a pallid hand toward soon-to-be-dead characters who've come too close to her un-resting place.


As incorporeal Undead, the Ghostly Consort is a special nightmare for warbands that rely on the Beholder. Some rounds she puts guaranteed damage on a living enemy with her gaze attack. When she's forced into melee, her Possession ability gives heavy hitters pause: "Replaces attacks; touch; living target deals damage to itself with your choice of 1 of its own melee attacks; DC 20 negates."

About the Author

Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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