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Slaughter & Hurl
Angelfire Preview 9
By Rob Heinsoo

Sometimes new commanders create new warband types. Other times they fit in snugly with the playing style that the faction is already accustomed to. This week we have one commander of each type, both uncommon minis with exceedingly long names.

Bugbear Champion of Erythnul


I've wanted to make a bugbear commander for a while. I believe it was Stephen Radney-MacFarland who suggested giving some new miniature a morningstar that looked like a fist holding a spike. Unlike most of our priest-types, this bugbear is a favored soul from the Miniatures Handbook and Complete Divine, so he casts spells sorcerer-style.


The Champion of Erythnul is the commander who does pretty much what you'd expect from Chaotic Evil: after you eliminate at least two enemy creatures, this bugbear's followers gain melee damage +5. Not so good against warbands that count on only losing minis at the bitter end but great against warbands that try to control activations with lots of creatures on the table.

As a favored soul, the Champion also casts sorcerer-style spells, notably lesser frighten, a range 6 spell that forces a creature with 30 or fewer hp to make a morale save. The point of that spell is that any enemy who isn't Fearless can eventually have 30 or fewer hp, if you beat on it long enough.

Scorpion Clan Drow Fighter


Drow garbed in armor made of scorpion chitin started as an Eberron thing, but this mini looks so great that I expect almost everyone who uses drow will find a way to work it into their game. I've seldom been so happy with an uncommon mini. I wish we'd chosen it as one of our spinny minis so that you could see how great it looks from behind.

For details on the drow's weapons and armor, check out Races of Eberron.


This commander fights for either CG or CE -- which gets interesting, because he creates a new warband type with his commander effect: "Followers gain Precise Shot and get damage +5 when making ranged attacks with range 6." I'm not certain that warbands made of spear- and dagger-chucking followers will turn the tournament scene on its head, but it's a lot of fun to play. And who knows, there could be some surprising results!

That's it for this week. Next week, Lawful Evil teams up to get all binding and possessive.

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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