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Spike, Stone, and Barb
Angelfire Preview 8
By Rob Heinsoo

We're all about Law this week -- two-thirds Good, one-third Evil.

Spiker Champion


Spikers appear in the Planar Handbook. If you're not using this uncommon mini as a member of that warlike race, it could be a bladeling, a spiky construct, or even a heavily armored female fighter with more spiky bits than usual. The pose is different -- we haven't done any other figure holding its shield high and thrusting across the chest.


The Spiker Champion tries to prove that the best defense can do a lot of damage to the enemy. She starts with an AC of 22, prior to any LG tricks you have lurking elsewhere in your warband. The more tricks, the better, because her Spiker Barbs ensure that whenever an enemy misses her with a melee attack, that enemy takes 5 damage! Enemy hitters may feel OK about their first swing, but do they feel lucky enough to risk using their lower attack bonus?

Stone Giant


We've done Hill, Frost, and a couple of Fires: now Angelfire supplies the Stone Giant as a rare.


A rare? Not an uncommon? No, not an uncommon. The Stone Giant's power precludes uncommon status. It weighs in at 81 points, with AC as good as the Spiker Champion's and many more hit points. It hits for a solid 20 damage with either its melee or ranged attack. Yes, this is a LG mini with two shots of ranged attack, and these thrown rocks aren't limited to 6 squares.

When the thrown rocks hit, they create Rubble as well as damage. Choose 1 square in the target's space; that square becomes difficult terrain for the rest of the skirmish. Thump!

Barbed Devil


The Barbed Devil is a traditional sort. Pointed horns, pointy claws, pointy skin. Our rare looks quite a bit like the illustration on page 51 of the Monster Manual.


This is one scary critter. It has slightly higher AC and hit points than the Stone Giant for a slightly higher cost. A full infernal suite of abilities, leading with one that's hard for many warbands to ignore: Barb Shield 5 (Whenever an enemy hits this creature with a melee attack, that enemy takes 5 damage). Now you see why I put the Barbed Devil and the Spiker Champion in the same preview.

Two other abilities set the Barbed Devil apart. The first is unlimited use of a particular third-level spell. We'll let you guess what that might be for now and just mention the ability that will come in handy against most warbands: one use of an ability called Frightful Impale that forces a creature hit by the Barbed Devil's melee attack to make a morale save.

Next week -- more new miniatures (hah!).

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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