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Lawful Steel
Angelfire Preview 2
By Rob Heinsoo

Today we look at three varieties of steely law from Angelfire: common, predatory, and mounted. First, the common.

Dwarf Mercenary


Dwarf. Sword. Shield. Three good things that haven't gone together, until now. For a common, it looks good. It's from the "somewhat vague because it's heavily armored" style that means many different people could end up using it as a PC.


This isn't the squeaky clean kinda dwarf who'll only fight for Lawful Good; if the pay is right, Lawful Evil can buy this sword. There's nothing fancy about this dwarf: high AC, typical Speed 4, costs 9 points and hits for 10 damage.

Steel Predator


I loved the look of this creature the first time I saw it on page 164 of the Fiend Folio. I'm not sure if the Predator fully lives up to its Challenge Rating of 13, because it doesn't inflict much damage with its melee attacks. Its deafening roar, however, puts out good damage, and its immunities and high AC mean that it's difficult to shut up.


We preserved the essence of the Steel Predator for starring appearances in Lawful Evil warbands. It's arrogant enough that commanders can't help it make morale checks, but otherwise it's perfectly commandable. In any case, it won't need to make many morale checks, given that it has AC 23 and 100 hit points.

The Steel Predator's swift Roar inflicts 40 points of sonic damage in a cone with a high DC, so small prey get blasted in a hurry. As you may have guessed from these details, the mini is a rare, and it's designed for 200-point play -- it can't fit into 100-point warbands.

Mounted Paladin



Some of you have already seen this in Mat Smith's preview article. It's fair to say the paladin is mounted on a charger; it's a healthy-sized horse and it's not moving slowly. We went to some lengths painting it nicely while keeping the details sufficiently generic so people would feel comfortable using the mini in a variety of roles.


This is another creature that doesn't appear in 100-point warbands. In fact, the Mounted Paladin is even tougher than the Steel Predator. LG players who have been pining for a hero who can lay down big pain may have found their friend. How much pain? Two high-bonus attacks, both for 20 magic damage, capable of combining with the best Powerful Charge ability in the game and with the Smite Evil ability of a high level paladin. Yes, all kinds of pain, and it tends to flow in only one direction because the Paladin has high AC and is Fearless to boot.

As a mounted creature, he's not slow. Team him with some of the other LG creatures in Angelfire and you get Synergy (note the capital S).

Next week: some very cool news.

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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