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Deathknell Preview 9
By Rob Heinsoo

This week we're meeting two evil leaders and one aspect of an evil deity who leads by example.

Warpriest of Hextor


There's an awful lot going on with this rare, Lawful Evil commander. Start with his commander effect: "Followers that make more than 1 melee attack in a turn gain attack +4 on attacks after the first." This commander effect packs its own de facto warband building advice: pick followers with multiple melee attacks.

The Warpriest backs up his followers by fighting in melee or casting spells. He's not bad with his flail, but his spells can throw his enemies completely off balance, including a wave of grief that hits everyone in a cone with anguish that gives them attack -3 and save -3. If enemy creatures swarm him, he even has a spell that can be cast when adjacent, an energy vortex from Complete Divine that burns weenies into instant victory points.


The warpriest class appears in Complete Divine. It's recommended for martial clerics. Given this mini's heavy armor and cool paint job, it should see some use as a cleric or fighter PC.

Flind Captain


Flinds have been around since the original Fiend Folio. Flindbars and all, they've recently resurfaced in Monster Manual III. You wouldn't be far wrong to think of them as uber-gnolls. This Flind Captain is even more uber than most -- he's taller than the average flind and can double as a big gnoll.


The Flind Captain is mainly a combat beater, the kind of leader who can finish off many opponents himself. That's good news, because he's also the kind of leader whose followers have second thoughts about getting too close to him. His commander effect reads: "Humanoid followers gain melee damage +5 and -2 AC." He cares whether you slay the enemy. He doesn't care whether the enemy slays you.

Aspect of Nerull


The god of death sends a splinter of his power to the mortal realms. Unfortunately for the PCs, this splinter is 12 feet tall and armed with a scythe. Stats for the Aspect of Nerull originally appeared in the Miniatures Handbook (where they can still be found). And when you're looking at the photos on this page, remember -- they're in scale with each other.


The Aspect of Nerull is a nasty beater who can't show up in 100-point games. The most interesting item in his arsenal is his spell, an unlimited-use version of inflict critical wounds. It inflicts 30 negative damage, or 15 if the enemy makes a DC 18 save. Sometimes you'll want to cast the spell, other times you'll just want to swing away with the Aspect's melee attack. If you load your warband with the undead creatures that proliferate through most Deathknell boosters, you'll be able to find some use for inflict spells, won't you?

Next week we'll preview something that lots of people have been waiting for -- "Natural Fury."

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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