D&D Miniatures
At the Sign of the Thug, Sneak, and Frog
Deathknell Preview 8
By Rob Heinsoo

Down here where the ale is cheap and life is cheaper, a frog, a crow, and another frog walk into a bar....

Bullywug Thug


Mat previewed this guy already. I love his clean lines and his determined stance. His little yellow eyes and the set of his spear are perfect.

I found a soft spot in my heart for bullywugs during my first design job for WotC, working on the Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium. Nothing else we've done looks much like him, so I'm hoping that he'll see use in all manner of froggy henchman roles. And if you use this bullywug mini as a PC, I confess I kind of want to hear about it.


The FRMC said: "Life as a bullywug is nasty, brutish, and wet." In D&D Miniatures, we can go back to the original Hobbes quote and restore the word "short." As low-cost spear-fodder for Chaotic Evil, bullywugs join your warband to suck up damage that would otherwise harm their masters.

Kenku Sneak


Here's another Deathknell common that may come as a bit of a surprise. Dave Allsop's original art in Monster Manual III was cool, and as you can see from looking at page 86 of that book, we stayed pretty close to Dave's illo.

Kenku are sneaky, flightless bird people who prefer urban environments to roughing it in the wild. They poke their beaks into a lot of places they shouldn't, work for people who can't be trusted, and aren't all that trustworthy themselves.

Heck, they sound like PCs.


The Kenku Sneak is pathetic in melee, but it has an OK ranged attack. If you're cunning, you can take advantage of the Kenku's Hide ability to get +5 ranged sneak attack damage against enemies who can't see the Kenku behind cover.

Giant Frog


I've wanted to make a Giant Frog mini since ... well, probably since I read Dave Arneson's Blackmoor supplement back in 1975. Fast-forwarding nearly thirty years, tales of goblin PCs getting swallowed at the gatehouse moat in Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil put me back in the mood for Frog Comma Giant.


Brrrp. Brrrp. That's the hip new sound for Chaotic Good and Chaotic Evil warbands. Brrrp. Brrrp. That's the noise you've gotta make when this Wandering Monster gets lucky and hits a Small or Tiny creature with its melee attack.

Brrrp. "Helllllllllp meeee ..." Brrrp. That's the full sound effect when Snig fails his DC 15 save and gets swallowed whole.


Ettin Skirmisher

Wait a minute. The ettin's not a common mini. Hey! Tell him to get out of here!

Wadda ya mean 'tell him to get out'? He's drinkin' for two, and he said he's on your tab. You tell him to get out!

Oh. All right then.

Next Week: Boss Monsters.

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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