D&D Miniatures
Commander's Notebook
By Jackson Tomas, Mike Lemay, and Steve Winter

In each installment of "Commander's Notebook," we present three talented warband builders with a core figure or theme and ask each to build a warband around it. Their warbands are presented here for your review. After reading, we encourage everyone to visit the forum and discuss the warbands' pros and cons with your fellow skirmishers or offer up your own version of this squad.

Bear in mind that what you're reading is not a primer on how to win tournaments. It's an intellectual puzzle in which the contributors may not always be given the best material to work with. The challenge is to make the most of the starting conditions.

For this installment of "Commander's Notebook," we offered our warband builders the chance to spend 100 points on a warband consisting only of Outsiders. That doesn't give them a lot to work with because the game currently has only 24 outsider figures costing 70 points or less. Only LE and CE have commanders, restricting the options even more (to just seven CE figures and eleven LE figures).

Jackson Tomas

Tiefling Captain (21 pts)
Blue Slaad (50 pts)
Quasit (19 pts)
Abyssal Maw x2 (10 pts)
Total = 100 pts

Trying to build a CE warband without access to the faction's legendary heavy hitters is a real change of pace. The biggest stick available is the Blue Slaad. It's a very big stick, although a bit pricey at 50 points. Worse, it will always be out of command. The Quasit, Abyssal Maws, and Tiefling Captain only need to keep the enemy's fodder busy while the Slaad smashes its way down from the top.

Steve Winter

Tiefling Captain (21 pts)
Abyssal Eviscerator x2 (58 pts)
Tanarukk (11 pts)
Abyssal Maw x2 (10 pts)
Total = 100 pts

Though she's been surpassed by newer figures, the Tiefling Captain is still a good commander for 21 points. Doubling your chance for a critical hit is nothing to sneer at. All the other figures are there to capitalize on that Commander Effect with seven attacks per round. I could see trading one of the Abyssal Eviscerators for a pair of Tanarukks and another Maw. That would raise this warband from six to eight activations and from eight to nine attacks, but at the cost of some speed and AC. Besides, the Eviscerator is just cool.

Mike Lemay

Rakshasa (41 pts)
Salamander (32 pts)
Formian Warrior (16 pts)
Azer Raider x2 (10 pts)
Total = 99 pts

Taking the Rakshasa as commander is risky because he's not cheap and there's no guarantee the Commander Effect will pay off. Fortunately, the tiger-man is a "handy" figure even without that Commander Effect. Bigby's Slapping Hand is a terrific spell once the fighting gets personal. Be sure to have the Salamander and other fighters in good positions to capitalize on those attacks of opportunity. Slide is a great opportunity for getting creative.

About the Authors

Jackson Tomas and Mike Lemay are Seattle-area miniatures players. Steve Winter puts together these articles, so no one gets to tell him his warbands aren't good enough.

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