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Big Shields
Deathknell Preview 3

Here are shield stories from three different factions.

Skullcrusher Ogre


Deciding what to include in a new set of D&D Miniatures can be like working as the DJ at a popular radio station that plays requests. People have been calling in and asking to hear Large Uncommons since the early moments of the morning show. Six sets in, D&D Miniatures is really hitting its stride. Just in time for the Deathknell lunch hour, we have Skullcrusher Ogre queued up to show that we enjoy those big, heavy-metal, skullcrushing bands, too.

That's a big club and a big shield in the hands of a very big boy. Other ogres will follow, but in this set we went with the cool art from page 116 of Monster Manual III, and an ogre who is more disciplined and well-equipped than most of his ilk.


Lawful Evil needed a solid hitter. The Skullcrusher Ogre may be what the faction was waiting for. He doesn't hit quite as hard as some of the Chaotic Evil bruisers, but he has what they ain't got: AC, survivability, and a one-shot javelin for short ranged attacks.

Undying Soldier


This is our first mini from the culture of Aerenal elves in Eberron. If you're not playing with that deathless-worshipping culture, this mini could be used for any type of undead elf.


The Undying Soldier's abilities make it an interesting uncommon for Chaotic Good. Without listing all the oddities in its stats, I'll just mention that its Blind-fight ability and DR 5 set it apart from any Chaotic Good creatures in its cost range. Throw in Fearless and you have an oddity that should pop up in surprising places.

Soldier of Thrane


We borrowed the decorative motif for this tower shield-equipped human fighter from the Silver Flame-centered culture of Thrane. We're pleased with how the tower shield ended up as a serious defensive wall for this PC-worthy uncommon. It should prove perfectly useful anywhere in or out of Eberron.


This 4th level fighter has a great AC and an attack that hits for 15 damage. The first attribute is pretty much par for Lawful Good. Hitting for 15 damage isn't. And that's actually all there is to say about him. Behind his immense shield, the Soldier of Thrane is as vanilla as we make 'em.

Enough with the vanilla. Next week, the "Cover Models" will cover us in beholderberry and tombstone crunch.

About the Author

Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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