D&D Miniatures
The War Machine
A Library of Ready-To-Use Warbands
By Bill Baldwin

Welcome to the D&D Miniatures Warband Library. Please be considerate of other users and maintain silence at all times. This is a reference library only -- no material may be checked out or removed from the premises.

We're starting with 100-point warbands, organized by alignment, then alphabetically by their names. After each listing is a bit of code that can be cut and pasted into the Warband Generator -- in case you want to tweak the warband or adapt it to your collection before resaving it.

These aren't all meant to be tournament winners, although a few of them will be. Some are very competitive, while others are fun, themed warbands.

The library will be expanded regularly over the coming months with more 100- and 200-point warbands and a climate-controlled room to house the 500-point collection. We may even set aside some space for a Hall of Fame. Feel free to visit the forum and suggest warbands you'd like to see enshrined in the library.

100-Point Warbands

Lawful Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Evil
Chaotic Evil

200-Point Warbands

Lawful Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Evil
Chaotic Evil

100-Point Warbands

Lawful Good

Cuthbert's Vengeance (LG): Celestial Black Bear, Cleric of St. Cuthbert, Halfling Veteran x2, Hill Dwarf Warrior x2, Man-at-Arms x4, Aasimar Favored Soul

(100,Cuthbert's Vengeance,1,12,11,6,6,10,10,10,10,275,276,279,279,283,4,1,5,10,14,'') (Launch)

Dwarven Fury (LG): Anvil of Thunder, Dwarf Sergeant, Hill Dwarf Warrior x6, Tordek Dwarf Fighter, Eberk Adventurer

(100,Dwarven Fury,1,12,10,13,202,210,274,279,279,279,279,279,279,4,1,10,19,23,'') (Launch)

Regdar's Roughnecks (LG): Eberk Adventurer, Jozan Cleric of Pelor, Regdar Adventurer, Devis Half-Elf Bard, Krusk Half-Orc Barbarian, Lidda Adventurer, Nebin Gnome Illusionist, Ragnara Psychic Warrior

(100,Regdar's Roughnecks,2,12,8,14,20,26,28,161,210,212,219,4,4,8,13,19,'') (Launch)

Rheking Crew (LG): Cleric of Lathander, Hill Dwarf Warrior, Man-at-Arms, Rhek x3

(100,Rheking Crew,1,12,6,10,141,279,281,281,281,4,1,2,5,14,'') (Launch)

Yondalla's Home Guard (LG): Cleric of Yondalla, Halfling Veteran x3, Halfling Ranger, Halfling Wizard, Lidda Adventurer

(100,Yondalla's Home Guard,1,12,7,2,6,6,6,157,158,219,4,5,9,20,22,'') (Launch)


Chaotic Good

A Taste of Crow (CG): Copper Samurai, Crow Shaman, Halfling Outrider, Half-Orc Barbarian

(100,A Taste of Crow,2,12,4,95,101,166,287,4,8,9,18,22,'') (Launch)

Barbarian Rampage (CG): Krusk Half-Orc Barbarian, Longtooth Barbarian, War Chanter, Barbarian Mercenary x3

(100,Barbarian Rampage,2,12,6,26,105,105,105,221,291,4,1,18,20,23,'') (Launch)

Shoot & Scoot (CG): Mialee Elf Wizard, Bariaur Ranger x2, Bladesinger, Catfolk, Elf Spearguard, Elf Warrior x2, Lidda Adventurer

(100,Shoot & Scoot,2,12,9,93,99,150,151,219,285,285,288,288,4,4,5,9,17,'') (Launch)

Shooting Range (CG): Graycloak Ranger x3 (with Wolf x3), Halfling Wizard, Inspiring Marshal, Ragnara Psychic Warrior

(100,Shooting Range,2,12,6,156,156,156,158,161,218,4,9,16,17,18,''37~37~37) (Launch)


Lawful Evil

Brain Dead (LE): Mind Flayer, Mummy, Wight, Warrior Skeleton x5

(100,Brain Dead,3,12,8,50,51,52,183,183,183,183,183,4,1,2,3,7,'') (Launch)

Common Valor (all Common figures) (LE): Goblin Warrior x7, Hobgoblin Sergeant, Kobold Champion, Silent Wolf Goblin x2, Snig the Axe

(100,Common Valor,3,12,12,112,112,112,112,112,112,112,178,232,309,315,315,4,2,3,5,20,'''111~111~111) (Launch)

Displaced Agression (LE): Displacer Beast x2, Human Blackguard

(100,Displaced Agression,3,12,3,41,41,45,4,1,3,17,19,'') (Launch)

Snig's Pets (LE): Blue Wyrmling x3, Goblin Warrior, Snig the Axe

(100,Snig's Pets,3,12,5,109,109,109,112,178,4,1,3,10,18,'''111~111~111) (Launch)

Thayan Might (LE): Duergar Warrior, Hobgoblin Warrior, Red Wizard, Thayan Knight

(100,Thayan Might,3,12,4,113,118,172,177,4,4,8,9,18,'') (Launch)

The Final Cut (LE): Barbarian Mercenary x4, Cleric of Nerull, Dread Guard, Kapak Draconian x2

(100,The Final Cut,3,12,8,105,105,105,105,110,114,114,171,4,1,2,5,20,'') (Launch)

Urthok's Pets (LE): Manticore x2, Urthok the Vicious

(100,Urthok's Pets,3,12,3,119,237,237,4,4,7,9,17,'') (Launch)

Urthok's Strike Squad (LE): Hobgoblin Warrior x6, Urthok the Vicious, Bugbear Footpad x3

(100,Urthok's Strike Squad,3,12,10,113,113,113,113,113,113,119,242,242,242,4,2,5,8,10,'') (Launch)


Chaotic Evil

Cult of the Dragon (CE): Abyssal Maw x6, Minotaur, Red Wyrmling, Tiefling Captain

(100,Cult of the Dragon,4,12,9,76,123,123,123,123,123,123,254,258,4,1,5,8,17,'') (Launch)

Dragon Queen (CE): Black Dragon, Drow Cleric of Lolth, Gnoll, Gnoll Skeleton x2

(100,Dragon Queen,4,12,5,61,124,323,324,324,4,1,3,7,22,'') (Launch)

Meet My Boyfriend, "Killer" (CE): Drow Cleric of Lolth, Gnoll, Hill Giant

(100,Meet My Boyfriend Killer,4,12,3,61,193,323,4,1,3,6,18,'') (Launch)

Orc Horde (CE): Eye of Gruumsh, Half-Orc Assassin, Orc Brute x2, Orc Warrior x8

(100,Orc Horde,4,12,12,65,75,75,75,75,75,75,75,75,131,256,256,4,1,2,19,20,'') (Launch)

Poison Pals (CE): Thri-Kreen Ranger, Drider Sorcerer, Ettercap, Yuan-Ti Abomination

(100,Poison Pals,4,12,4,38,244,247,331,4,1,3,17,19,'') (Launch)

Red Ravager (CE): Cleric of Gruumsh, Ogre Ravager, Red Samurai

(100,Red Ravager,4,12,3,59,136,138,4,1,6,8,18,'') (Launch)

Wounded Pride (CE): Drider Sorcerer, Gnoll Sergeant, Hyena x7, Mad Slasher

(100,Wounded Pride,4,12,10,67,67,67,67,67,67,67,244,250,326,4,1,5,17,22,'') (Launch)


200-Point Warbands

Lawful Good

Champions of Cormyr (LG): Alusair Obarskyr, Dalelands Militia x2, Paladin of Torm, Soldier of Cormyr x8

(200,Champions of Cormyr,1,12,12,142,142,147,148,148,148,148,148,148,148,148,273,4,2,5,10,14,'') (Launch)

Monolith (LG): Dwarven Defender, Hill Dwarf Warrior x2, Man-at-Arms, Stone Golem

(200,Monolith,1,12,5,82,204,279,279,280,4,1,2,5,23,'') (Launch)

Mordenkainen’s Justice (LG): Cleric of Moradin, Hill Dwarf Warrior, Man-at-Arms x2, Standardbearer, Warforged Hero, Eberk Adventurer, Mordenkainen the Mage

(200,Mordenkainen's Justice,1,12,9,81,87,203,210,226,279,280,280,282,4,1,8,19,22,") (Launch)

The Order (LG): Ember Human Monk, Lion Falcon Monk x2, Sun Soul Initiate x4, Young Master, Half-Orc Monk x2

(200,The Order,1,12,10,4,11,11,11,11,33,33,86,86,208,4,2,18,22,23,") (Launch)

Regdar’s Heroes (LG): Cleric of Order, Gold Champion, Man-at-Arms x3, Warforged Hero, Aramil Adventurer, Eberk Adventurer, Jozan Cleric of Pelor, Regdar Adventurer, Lidda Adventurer, Nebin Gnome Illusionist

(200,Regdar's Heroes,1,12,12,1,14,28,84,209,210,212,219,280,280,280,282,4,3,9,13,18,") (Launch)

Second Wind (LG): Celestial Black Bear, Cleric of Lathander, Dragon Samurai, Hill Dwarf Warrior x5, Purple Dragon Knight, Rhek, Healer, Jozan Cleric of Pelor

(200,Second Wind,1,12,12,14,87,141,149,275,277,279,279,279,279,279,281,4,1,3,19,23,") (Launch)

Silver Might (LG): Cleric of Moradin, Cleric of Order, Large Silver Dragon, Man-at-Arms x5, Aasimar Favored Soul, Azer Raider

(200,Silver Might,1,12,10,1,32,81,145,280,280,280,280,280,283,4,6,8,15,19,") (Launch)


Chaotic Good

Drizzt’s Friends (CG): Ember Human Monk, Aramil Adventurer, Eberk Adventurer, Jozan Cleric of Pelor, Mialee Elf Wizard, Devis Half-Elf Bard, Drizzt Drow Ranger, Krusk Half-Orc Barbarian, Lidda Adventurer, Nebin Gnome Illusionist, Ragnara Psychic Warrior

(200,Drizzt's Friends,2,12,11,4,14,20,26,28,150,154,161,209,210,219,4,") (Launch)

Frenzied Fury (CG): Blade Singer, Crow Shaman, Elf Spearguard x6, Frenzied Berserker x2

(200,Frenzied Fury,2,12,10,93,99,99,99,99,99,99,287,289,289,4,1,8,16,18,") (Launch)

Mordenkainen’s Freedom (CG): Axe Sister, Cleric of Garl Glittergold, Crested Fell Drake, Nebin Gnome Illusionist, Mordenkainen the Mage, Clay Golem

(200,Mordenkainen's Freedom,2,12,6,16,19,28,165,226,286,4,1,5,6,16,") (Launch)

Quickshot (CG): Aramil Adventurer, Bariaur Ranger x4, Bladesinger, Centaur, Elf Warrior x3, Halfling Wizard, Valenar Commander

(200,Quickshot,2,12,12,17,93,158,209,285,285,285,285,288,288,288,293,4,5,9,17,22,") (Launch)

Rain of Death (CG): Catfolk, Elf Warrior x3, Graycloak Ranger x2, Half-Elf Bow Initiate x2, Inspiring Marshal, Valenar Commander

(200,Rain of Death,2,12,10,151,156,156,218,288,288,288,290,290,293,4,5,9,16,17,"37~37) (Launch)

Ryld’s Strike Team (CG): Axe Sister, Gnome Recruit x4, Half-Giant Psychic Warrior, Silver Sorcerer, Unicorn, Ryld Argith

(200,Ryld's Strike Team,2,12,9,16,24,24,24,24,104,162,217,296,4,8,13,18,20,") (Launch)


Lawful Evil

Aberrant Behavior (LE): Dark Moon Monk, Dekanter Goblin, Destrachan x2, Duergar Warrior, Hook Horror x2, Human Blackguard

(200,Abberant Behavior,3,12,8,45,170,172,300,301,301,307,307,4,1,5,8,17,") (Launch)

Bad to the Bone (LE): Bone Devil x2, Dark Moon Monk, Mongelfolk, Urthok the Vicious

(200,Bad to the Bone,3,12,5,119,169,169,170,312,4,1,18,22,23,") (Launch)

Goblin Horde (LE): Bladebearer Hobgoblin x2, Silent Wolf Goblin x6, Snig the Axe, Urthok the Vicious, Bugbear Footpad x2

(200,Goblin Horde,3,12,12,119,178,242,242,299,299,315,315,315,315,315,315,4,3,5,10,15,"'111~111~111) (Launch)

Stunning Force (LE): Bladebearer Hobgoblin x2, Half-Elf Hexblade, Lizardfolk Rogue, Mind Flayer, Mind Flayer Telepath, Silent Wolf Goblin x2, Warrior Skeleton x4

(200,Stunning Force,3,12,12,50,183,183,183,183,235,299,299,305,311,315,315,4,1,19,20,23,") (Launch)

Thayan Alliance (LE): Goblin Skirmisher x3, Half-Elf Hexblade, Mongrelfolk x2, Red Wizard, Thayan Knight, Cultist of the Dragon, Drider Sorcerer

(200,Thayan Alliance,3,12,10,111,111,111,118,177,188,244,305,312,312,4,5,9,20,22,") (Launch)

Thayan Fury (LE): Blue, Half-Elf Hexblade, Kobold Champion, Kobold Sorcerer, Kobold Warrior x2, Red Wizard, Salamander, Thayan Knight

(200,Thayan Fury,3,12,9,48,48,117,118,177,229,305,309,310,4,5,9,13,22,") (Launch)


Chaotic Evil

Critical Mass (CE): Clay Golem, Abyssal Maw x3, Gnoll Skeleton x3, Lareth the Beautiful, Minotaur Skeleton x2, Tiefling Captain, Troglodyte

(200,Critical Mass,4,12,12,76,123,123,123,140,165,252,255,255,324,324,324,4,1,5,13,23,") (Launch)

Giant Problems (CE): Cursed Spirit, Drow Cleric of Lolth, Ghast, Hill Giant x2, Orc Warrior x4

(200,Giant Problems,4,12,9,61,75,75,75,75,189,193,193,249,4,3,10,17,19,") (Launch)

Mordenkainen’s Treachery (CE): Mordenkainen the Mage, Abyssal Maw x6, Cursed Spirit, Drider Sorcerer, Grick, Minotaur Skeleton, Orc Champion

(200,Mordenkainen's Treachery,4,12,12,123,123,123,123,123,123,189,195,226,244,251,255,4,1,10,19,23,") (Launch)

No Room for the Living (CE): Clay Golem x2, Cursed Spirit x2, Lich Necromancer

(200,No Room for the Living,4,12,5,165,165,189,189,253,4,1,2,5,20,") (Launch)

Orcs!!! (CE): Eye of Gruumsh, Orc Brute x4, Orc Champion x2, Orc Raider, Orc Sergeant, Orc Warrior x3

(200,Orcs!!!,4,12,12,75,75,75,131,195,195,196,256,256,256,256,329,4,1,11,19,23,") (Launch)

Queen of the Demonweb Pits (CE): Aspect of Lolth, Drider Sorcerer, Drow Archer, Drow Cleric of Lolth, Drow Fighter x2, Drow Rogue

(200,Queen of the Demonweb Pits,4,12,7,60,61,186,244,245,245,246,4,2,8,15,19,") (Launch)


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