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Steel Regent, Dark Master
(Aberrations Preview 9)
By Rob Heinsoo

Two of the new rare commanders in Aberrations are from the Forgotten Realms. Alusair Obarskyr has been kicking around the Realms since the early days of the world's publication. Ryld Argith is a newer arrival from the War of the Spider Queen series.

Alusair Obarskyr


Since the death of her father, Azoun IV, Alusair has served as the Steel Regent of Cormyr, holding the throne for an infant nephew. The photo doesn't do the mini justice -- you'll understand when you see her shield.

As a heavily armored, female fighter, we expect Alusair to find her way into many PC groups, once her name and attributes have been changed to fit the local campaign.


In some ways, Alusair is the archetypal Lawful Good commander. She can fight but her defense is higher than her offense. In another respect, she's quite atypical: her commander effect is more challenging to use effectively than straightforward effects like the Sword of Heironeous. We'll let you discover the specific commander effect when you get the mini but in our experience, it works best for experienced players.

Ryld Argith

RPG & Skirmish

Ryld Argith's commander effect isn't complicated but it is interesting: Good humanoid followers gain Melee Attack +2. Evil Humanoid followers gain Keen Critical 19 (critting on a 19 or 20).

Yes, Ryld can command either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil warbands. Ryld's innate nobility and sense of fair play sets him apart from his enemies and his friends in the War of the Spider Queen storyline; we thought it only fair to allow him to operate on the side of CG, especially since no one is much of a goody-two-shoes in the skirmish game.

Ryld excels at training humanoid followers. He doesn't have much to offer nonhumanoids who can't learn his disciplines... unless you count his Improved Initiative ability, which lets his commander rating count as 8 when making Initiative checks.

We're getting close to the street date. Tune in next week for what might still be a sneak peek of "Acid & Ice."

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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