D&D Miniatures08/05/2004

Little Guys
(Aberrations Preview 1)

Mat Smith's last In the Works column snuck these kobolds out of the Aberrations encounter charts and into the public eye. For this first Aberrations preview, I'll finish the kobolds' introduction.

Kobold Champion


I love this little guy. He's determined, advancing with purpose in mind and sword in hand. His well-crafted scale armor sets him apart from regular kobold fodder.

If you need one kobold fighter-type to lead a pack of grunts into battle, this is your tough little humanoid. (For that matter, he'd make a pretty good PC.) If you need a whole bunch of kobolds, the Kobold Champion is a common mini, so you'll have a bunch of 'em.


The Kobold Champion's +1 scale armor, a shield that screams, "I'm Kobold and Proud," small size, and koboldish dexterity all add up to one heck of an AC. The Kobold Champion sets the all-time record for AC on a common mini. And why shouldn't he? He's a kobold. It's not like he's bringing a heck of a lot more to the table.

To be fair, he does have one unique advantage compared to the kobolds we've presented in earlier sets. Unlike the Kobold Warrior and the Kobold Skirmisher, the Kobold Champion doesn't have the Cowardly ability and won't flee simply because the enemy killed the kobold's only nearby friend.

On the other hand, Champion or no, he's still a Kobold. If he's out of command, it's 100% certain that he's never, ever going to make a morale save. Against enemies who can penetrate his uber-AC, the Kobold Champion is right to be scared.

Kobold Sorcerer


Mat grabbed this uncommon mini for his first preview because he liked it so much. He's not alone. It must be the combination of mysterious robes, a pose that mumbles "prepare yourself for pain, human," and the fact that we've wanted to make a kobold sorcerer since Harbinger. It feels a little silly writing this about a piece of painted plastic, but this mini is going to be a classic.


Along with Snig the Axe, the Kobold Sorcerer makes it reasonable to believe that the Kobold Champion won't have to operate out of command very often. The Kobold Sorcerer isn't a great commander if you're trying to win initiative, but if you're interested in playing a kobold-themed warband, you're going to want to take advantage of his commander effect: giving every kobold follower Conceal 6!

As a commander who is also willing to follow, the Kobold Sorcerer can himself benefit from other commander effects. The ubiquitous Snig the Axe is willing to lend power to the Kobold Sorcerer's wavy dagger. The Red Wizard of Thay is perfectly happy to boost each of the Sorcerer's damaging spells.

Next week -- "A Touch of Glitter, a Touch of Revenge."

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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