D&D Miniatures06/10/2004

Seize the Swag!

Looking for something a little different for this evening's D&D Miniatures skirmish? Try seizing some swag.

Swag: Swag is represented by damage tokens. In this use, they become swag tokens. There should be one swag token for each terrain tile in the game, not counting assembly tiles. Use 5-point damage tokens, but replace one 5 with an X token. For example, in a two- or three-player game, there will be five 5-point swag tokens and one X token.

Setup: Setup is identical to the standard scenario, except as noted here. Turn all the swag tokens upside down and shuffle them around so no one knows which is the X. As each player places a tile, the opposing player places a token in an open or difficult terrain square of that tile (tokens can't be placed on wall spaces or statues but can be placed on features). Make sure no one looks at the tokens as they're placed.

Seizing Swag: As soon as a figure moves into or through a space containing a swag token, that figure picks up the swag. Place the token on the figure's card (or on the base, if it will fit). No one gets to look at the token, not even the player whose figure picked it up! That swag now moves with the figure. It doesn't slow down the figure or hamper it any way. Swag can't be handed off to another figure or intentionally dropped. A figure can carry only one swag token at a time.

Dropping Swag: If a swag-carrying figure is slain or routed, it drops its swag in the space where it died or where it started its rout. Dropped swag is picked up by the next figure to enter its space.

Assembly Tiles: Figures cannot enter another player's assembly tile. They can use ranged attacks or spells to attack figures on an enemy assembly tile, and they can even attack normally if the target figure is at the edge of the tile and the attacker is adjacent. They just can't move onto the tile itself.

Winning: The game ends when all the swag tokens or swag-carrying figures are on assembly tiles. Whoever has the most swag, wins. The X token is worth nothing. Casualties don't factor into victory, except as a tie-breaker. A tie is possible in games with more than two players. In case of a tie, victory goes to the player whose surviving figures are worth the most points.

This scenario can be tweaked in many ways. Be sure everyone agrees on these changes before starting play.

Exploding Swag: When setting up, place one extra X token in with the swag tokens (there should be one more token than there are terrain tiles). X tokens represent trapped swag. When a figure moves into a space with a swag token, flip it over. If it's an X, that figure suffers an immediate melee attack of +12 (15). Trap damage is not subject to damage reduction.

Heroic Swag: A figure that is carrying swag gets a bonus of +2 on its attack rolls and morale saves.

Awkward Swag: A figure that is carrying swag can't attack and is always considered out of command. It defends normally.

Double Swag: Place two swag tokens per terrain tile, each in a different space. Include three X tokens in the mix. One figure can carry two swag tokens at a time.

Really, Really Nice Swag: In addition to the other swag tokens, place a 25 token face-up at the center of the game map. This token is always considered awkward, even if the Awkward Swag variant isn't being used. The 25 token always stays face-up, so everyone knows who has it.

About the Author

Steve Winter has been involved in publishing D&D in one form or another since 1981. While he would never actually cheat in a game, he does enjoy "flexing the rules."

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