D&D Miniatures03/18/2004

Three New Competition
Terrain Tiles

Our hard-working Organized Play department released three new terrain tiles for use with D&D Miniatures. The Mushroom Tangle, Shrine of Justice, and Shrine of Slaughter are fully legal for use in sanctioned tournaments. If you weren't fortunate enough to get the published versions of these tiles at an event in March, you're in luck. Now you can download the tiles in PDF form and print them out on your home computer. They'll be just as official as official can be.

The tiles will hold up better if you print them on cardstock rather than paper. If you don't have blank cardstock at home, you can have them printed at your local quick-print shop. Otherwise, print the tiles on paper and then glue them to a piece of card or even an extra terrain tile from a starter set. For best results, glue them down with spray adhesive or rubber cement and trim them to size afterward.

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