D&D Miniatures03/04/2004

Chaotic Good:
Ragnara and the Rangers

Ragnara, Psychic Warrior


We love this uncommon mini for its well-sculpted face and its cool, psi-styled equipment. Anybody who plans to pick up the Expanded Psionics Handbook will want this mini to put some psi into their collection. People who don't want to play with psionics can use her as a human fighter with a cold blast sword.


Like some of the other Unique minis, Ragnara packs more punch than her cost might indicate. You can spend her psionic power points to make her move faster or to give her +1 to hit. That's a no-brainer for the attack that gets the extra +10 smite damage.

Halfling Ranger


Worth, who sits a couple chairs away from me here in the World of the Cubicles, reallywanted us to put out a male halfling armed with a bow. I put him off for a while, then handed him one of the early casts ... two days after the campaign where he was playing a halfling with a bow had wrapped up. At least it's good news for the rest of us. The Halfing Ranger mini is in high demand on our gaming tables. A bow-armed halfling? It's a good idea. Despite Lidda's preference for a crossbow, most halfling rogue types, not to mention rangers, are going to want a bow.


The Halfling Ranger is a ranged attacker with two shots that are extremely likely to hit. He's got Precise Shot, so he can fight effectively from the rear. If the melee comes to him, he's got enough hit points to choose between putting up a fight or running away and risking an opportunity attack. All that and his Scout ability lets him set up on any feature tile that doesn't already have a mini on it.

Drizzt, Drow Ranger


No introduction necessary....

The stats on the roleplaying side of this card update the stats from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting to 3.5.


Like the Halfling Ranger, Drizzt can set up on any feature tile that's not already occupied, using the Scout ability.

That's small potatoes. The big deal is that Drizzt is part of a new wave of Chaotic Good commanders. He's not the highest-rated commander in the wave, but he has a commander effect that creates a fun new warband. We're not going to reveal that warband yet, but we will say that it dovetails with aspects of Drizzt's starring role in the novels.

If the full warband thing isn't working out and Drizzt has to fight alone, you're in luck: he's the first CG creature who fights as well or better than the other factions' heavy hitters.

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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