D&D Miniatures02/19/2004

Lawful Good: Searing Light
and Silver Wings

Despite Archfiends' focus on the powers of darkness, there's a blasting light behind every shadow. The Lawful Good faction holds its ground with two commanders who are especially effective against evil. But enough about simply holding ground -- Lawful Good also gets a large dragon that's all about taking the enemy's position in a hurry.

Cleric of Lathander


Lathander is the god of sun, protection, and vitality in the Forgotten Realms. Even if you're not playing in the Realms, this brightly painted uncommon mini should serve well as a martial cleric with a touch of style.


The Cleric of Lathander is happiest leading from the back. His commander effect works best for followers routing past him who can be rallied to rejoin the fight. Don't underestimate his offensive spells, especially against Undead. Even mid-level Undead can't stand against the Cleric's searing light spells and turning abilities.

Paladin of Torm


Torm is the Forgotten Realms deity of duty, loyalty, obedience, and (no surprise here) paladins. The concept for this mini is from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, page 243.


The Paladin of Torm isn't quite as effective a commander as the Purple Dragon Knight but all of her followers get bonuses to their melee attacks. That bonus doubles against evil creatures! As a Fearless creature, the Paladin doesn't have to worry about routing, so you can use her powerful cure serious wounds spell on a tough follower if you think the Paladin's good AC is enough to keep her in the game.

Large Silver Dragon


If you're a player, you could hope that this mini is on your side. If you're a DM, you know that Silver Dragons have deep motives that sometimes force them to shunt random adventurers away from projects. Good luck, PCs.


The Large Silver Dragon epitomizes Lawful Good's virtues: high AC and great saves. The Large Silver Dragon also offers two features Lawful Good usually lacks: speed and Flight. What's better than a tank that can match any Chaotic Evil creature claw-to-claw? A flying tank.

If you're experienced with dragons, you've noticed there's something I haven't mentioned: breath weapons. The Silver Dragon has the best breath weapon in the game. Maybe the second best too.

About the Author

Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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