D&D Miniatures02/12/2004

Chaotic Evil: Big, Bigger, Baddest

Aspect of Orcus

Who's the biggest archfiend of them all? Let me hear you say O-R-C-U-S!


Well, it's not Orcus himself. It's "just" an Aspect of the Big Daddy of Evil. With a little d20 rpg luck, your high-level PCs have a chance of taking him down when playing by the stats on the back of the stat card and in the Miniatures Handbook. Without the luck, you'll at least have the consolation of falling to one of the best-looking minis you'll ever see on a battle mat.


Orcus is one bad brotherslayer. That Wand in his hands isn't just for show; once per battle, someone Orcus hits is going to save or die.


You don't have to see the stat card to know that the Vrock blasts off its base. This is a BIG vulture-headed demon.


Think of the vrock mini as the reward for playing your PCs up to 9th or 10th level. "You've done well," says the DM. "This has been a great game, and you people have done a great job of playing your characters in style and surviving everything I've thrown at you. So, uh, you see a group of three giant, vulture-headed monsters dancing in a circle holding hands. They're chanting in a language that sounds like iron scraping down a blackboard, and the black sparks flying away from their claws are pooling in horrible, crackling drifts at your feet. What do you do?"

Even if you never have to deal with the vrock's trademark Dance of Ruin, the mini's huge wingspread and grasping claw should make for many good narrative dioramas as hapless PCs fall before the vrock's arsenal of attacks.


The Vrock is the wild card of the Archfiends set. It's usually out of command, but it's so powerful that clawing or screeching quickly through the enemy's nearest creatures, one-at-a-time, isn't going to be a problem. Unlike nearly all other creatures, the Vrock fights much better when it's not near its allies. You'll want to give it some space so that your own minis don't get hit by its poison spores and stunning screech.

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Rob Heinsoo started playing D&D with the original brown box in 1975. He's now the lead designer of D&D Miniatures.

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