D&D Miniatures
Red Dragon, Red Samurai

We couldn't release a set called Dragoneye without including a Red Dragon!

The Baddest of the Big: Red Dragon

The Large Red Dragon introduced in Dragoneye breathes a cone of fire, dodges most opportunity attacks by flying over them, and tears enemies to shreds in melee. Not coincidentally, the Large Red Dragon is also the one Dragoneye miniatures that has too high a point-cost to be playable in 100-point Organized Play games.

Red Dragon On a Budget: Red Samurai

Chaotic Evil does have an option for the 100-point environment: the Red Samurai. As a disciple of the Red Dragon's spiritual path, the Red Samurai has a fiery breath weapon that can be devastating against most opponents. The Samurai can't fly but his barbarian-speeded steps carry him around the battlefield faster than most humans. An AC of only 14 means that most attacks will hit him but with 75 hit points, they'll need to hit him often. Getting close enough to do that is not an enticing prospect against a creature whose fiery sword inflicts 15 +5 fire damage with every blow.

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